Sommbeer is no longer mine

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:
I had a bad job……If you’ve ever shared a beer with me, you will hear the story about how Sommbeer got started. A bad job, a bad boss, a bad economy whatever it was I needed a diversion, so I wrote.  Then I published. I wrote and published, by myself for 7 months.  As I look back on those posts that started on a cold winter afternoon 12/29/13, I recognize that this is not when Sommbeer formed.
Sommbeer was actually created 8 months later on 7/24/14 when a young lady from Canada “Lynn” @hopscanary and I decided to write a collaboration article together “What’s Wrong with Beer Marketing“.   Then two weeks later, Lindsey Elmore from Iowa posted an article, then John Fahrner from Michigan signed up then…….Sommbeer hasn’t been the same since.
The life lesson for me? I need people, we all do.  That’s not easy for this engineer to admit but it’s true.  Without the growing army of contributors, readers, partners and fans we wouldn’t have Sommbeer.  We are a growing community of craft beer enthusiasts.
A lot of folks ask how we’ve managed to grow so fast or what’s our “secret sauce”.  It’s simple really, we always strive to have a positive supportive community.  We always encourage debate and a bit of controversy but it’s always in the pursuit of supporting craft beer, having fun and staying positive.  That’s the Sommbeer DNA and I hope to keep it that way as we explode into year 2.
We’ve had some really big home runs this year but what I’m most proud is our team.  Our contributor team, comprised of authors that have written from 1 post to dozens now numbers 30+.  John Fahrner, thankfully, accepted the role of Senior Editor and we are now looking for additional talent to support our next growth phase.  As we grow I have reflected on two humbling realities:
Sommbeer the community is so much more therapeutic than David’s Sommbeer
Sommbeer is no longer mine, it’s ours.
If we can’t drink a beer together, let’s at least communicate.  Send me a note anytime to give me feedback, I’d love to hear from you.
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