Smokey Mountain Brewery Gatlinburg, TN – Brewery Review

Rick Fenwick

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This Memorial Day weekend we went to Gatlinburg, TN. It is a place with beautiful scenery and lots of things to do. One of my favorite places there to eat and sample some beers is the Smokey Mountain Brewery. They also have breweries in Pigeon Forge, Turkey Creek, and Maryville.


The one in Gatlinburg is located right off of the main strip and offers a nice view. We were able to walk there from our hotel. The building is attractive inside and out with wood beams and displays the mountain theme well.


One of the beers they brew year around is the Cherokee, which is a red ale. I have always enjoyed this beer and it was usually what I ordered in the past. It had been a few years since I was there, so I decided to try their flight and sample what was available. Their flight consisted of eight beers and included the Cherokee. The glasses were big enough to give a good taste of the beer. My wife opted for the American lager, which is a good mainstream beer that competes with the major brands. There was also a Mountain light lager that was comparable. They also had a summer wheat ale that was good. There was a Black Bear brown ale that was my favorite. The specialty beer at the time we were there was Old Thunder Road, which was a Czech pilsner. The best description of these beers compared to beers in /Michigan is that they were moderate. None of the beers had a lot of carbonation and they were all moderate in taste. They were all good and drinkable depending upon a person’s mood and preference for style. I’m thinking the focus on moderation reflects the beer tastes in this area.


We ordered an appetizer of chips and artichoke dip, which were good. We also had a vegetarian pizza, which was good. The food in the past was good as well. The service was good as well. I recommend this as a good place to eat and sample some good beers when in Gatlinburg. It is not expensive either. Not all of the restaurants in Gatlinburg have picked-up on the craft beer trend, so stopping at a brewery like this provides a good choice of craft beers when in Gatlinburg.

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