Shower Suds – Dissecting The Shower Beer

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Do you drink beer in the shower?  Apparently this is a pretty popular thing to do nowadays and the fad has me just as puzzled as snapchat, periscope and decaffeinated coffee.  I for one am generally not a fan of bringing any food, or food like product, into my family bathroom.  As far as I’m concerned that room is designated for things to come out of the body, not to be ingested back in.   Still, on a fairly regular basis I hear about the pure joy of the mythical shower beer.  My colleague and fellow contributor Bill Mayeroff even went as far to inform the world that showering without the aid of a shower beer is in fact a shower done wrong.   So what exactly is a shower beer?  Well to answer such a question we shall look no further than, the hands down the best source on the internet for made up  facts.

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My initial thought about this was “how much time are you spending in the shower?” or “Why aren’t you showering quicker so you could just enjoy a beer in a more normal fashion?”  Much to my surprise the shower beer is really as much about the efficiency of multi-tasking as it is about enjoying the beer.  Pairing soap suds with the suds of a cold brew has all the makings of  high efficiency power shower.  The combination of hot steam and water washed down with a cold beer refreshing the body during the all to exhausting process of cleaning oneself at the end of the day.


Seems like every time I bring up the topic of shower beer, be it on social media or in a private conversation, I get a response fairly similar to what’s pictured here.   People are really into this concept, perhaps if it gains enough momentum it could even work its way into a the conversation as a new national past time.  All this talk of course has made me curios.  So what the hell, I gave it a try, thankfully I didn’t  break a beer bottle in my shower.   After I got done laughing at the fact that I was drinking a beer in the shower as “research” I tried to go about my normal showering routine.  For me the presence of the beer being available while showering really served more as a distraction to my completion of the shower than anything but still I tried to carry on with the shower beer experience.   I choose to crack open a bottle of Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes Brewing, heeding the advice of a friend I opted for a beer that skewed on the refreshing side of body in a beer.  I thought about opening up a bomber of Imperial Russian Stout just to be a rebel but upon further consideration that really didn’t seem like a wise choice.  After trying a shower complete with beer and soap and suds I can say this, I get the allure of shower beers.  Bill really explained it quite perfectly on Pints and Pups, it’s like drinking a beer in a jacuzzi without having to sit in the funk and filth of a jacuzzi.  The problem for me is I’m not sure I find even the best of showers any more relaxing than the most luxurious of jacuzzis.  For me a shower is all about getting in, getting clean, and getting out.  Adding the beer to the shower managed to tack on an awkward 5 minutes or so of standing around in the shower drinking beer feeling like this could be time enjoying a beer on my couch.  If you enjoy standing in the shower or sitting in a bath to relax and unwind then yes the shower beer really should be one of your best friends.  If you’re like me though and showering is as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth than the shower beer probably isn’t for you.  It’s not so much that I find the in shower beer to be a bad thing, it was just another obstacle for me to get on track for what I really want to be doing.  Now if you find a way to wheel the tv into the shower so I can drink beer and watch hockey while showering I might need to reexamine this topic. Until then don’t drop any beers in the shower!


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  1. I had no idea that ‘Shower Beer’ is something people are doing. While it’s fascinating, I don’t think I’ll give it a try.


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