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Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Maybe it’s just me but it for a long time I’ve felt that lagers and pilsers get a bad rap in the craft beer world.  Most likely this is a result of the big beer companies that seem to produce lagers and light lager exclusively, and lets face it that’s why most of us starting delving into craft brews to begin with.  When a quality brewing company does crank out a pilsner or a lager it really can be a work of beauty.  These beers are crisp and refreshing and not the assault on the pallet that a lot of more intense styles of beers can be.  Short’s Brewing in Bellaire Mi. has been liberating beer for over a decade now.  They’re known for making brews that are unique, and truly one of a kind.   Short’s, quite possibly, makes the only light lager that I actually like, but that’s not the beer I’m choosing to highlight today.  This review is about an wonderful beer that I really don’t hear a lot of people talking about, The Curl.

The Curl is a Imperial Pilsner that is a limited release hitting the shelves in late October.  The Curl, one of the first imperial offerings from Short’s, pours a beautifully golden color with a light head  and unlike many commercial pilsners is not at all overly “fizzy”.  The Curl clocks in at a 7% ABV which is pleasantly hidden both in flavor profile and the body of the beer.   The beer doesn’t sit heavy and has a beautiful zesty citrus and sweet malty aroma and manages to have a nice dry finish. The Curl is an incredibly drinkable beer, what I mean by that is that The Curl is a great beer that can get you through a day long event comfortably without having to change up beers due to contrasting flavors or getting to sloppy after having a few during the course of a day.

The Curl is not only a legit Pilsner, it’s a legit offering the world of craft beers.  The only real gripe I could make about this beer (and it has nothing to do with the beer itself) is it’s limited availability and release schedule.  I’m sure Short’s has a good reason why this beer is limited but this would be a excellent selection to have available throughout the year, especially in the summer months in which finding quality refreshing beers isn’t always as easy as one would think.  I’m still seeing The Curl on shelves right now even through it’s release was over a month ago, if you come across a 6 pack of this beer I highly recommend picking it up; if you’re into pilsners it’s a complete win, if you shy away from them it just might reignite a love of the pilsner style.

Overall Beer Rating 4/5 stars


John Fahrner


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