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Hi, I’m Doc and I’m a beer enthusiast [voices in unison: “Hello Doc.”]. I’ve been a beer enthusiast for around 5 years now. Before that I mostly drank whiskey, wine and cider… I also had a fondness for mead. Since then I haven’t looked back… ok I’ve looked back occasionally, yeah whatever. Beer, specifically craft beer, has taken grip of my life as more of a passion than any other alcoholic beverage, and I’ve even begun brewing it at home like some kind of beer mad scientist (with shall we say very mixed results!).

I also hail from that sun drenched land known as OZ-tralia, where people speak a language called ‘Stralian’ with greetings such as “G-day mate” and words like “jumper” and “ugg boots” to denote things you wear when you’re cold, and saddled kangaroos are the preferred mode of transportation. In my capacity as a beer enthusiast I find myself writing reviews on various beers, my current tally stands at 553 reviews on a certain popular beer review site under the pseudonym ‘doktorhops’. Lately I’ve been trying to hunt down every style of beer that I can get my clean man-sized hands on (I wash my hands quite regularly so I can’t exactly call them grubby).

However I’ve hit a bit of a dead end with Gose (pronounced “Go-sar”) that salty/sour style which originated from the German town of Goslar and soon became popular in the city of Leipzig (where it is brewed today). Gose has a quite a storied history being a traditional Germanic beer style that is spontaneously fermented by wild yeast (the sour part) using mineral-rich salinated water from aquifers near Goslar (the salty part) and combined with spices like Coriander (but in most cases the spices were a closely guarded secret – sort of like the beer equivalent of the Colonel’s 11 herbs and whatnot). This particular style of beer – like many in the Soviet bloc countries – was almost confined to the waste bin of history due to the Soviets not wanting to waste precious grain on brewing because “That grain is property of the state and the state declares bread more important than beer!”. Pish! Lucky for us when the communists left the DDR to its own devices the beer began to flow again as the Berlin Wall fell.


And now we come to the photo in my article. It is a picture of my Duvel tulip glass. It wants to be the vessel that contains, what I imagine to be, a delightful beverage, but there’s just one problem – there are no Australian brewers that I know of that brew Gose. However there are many ‘Merican craft brewers that brew this style, in fact there are ‘Merican craft brewers for every style ever thought of including a Chai tea infused Sahti (a Finnish brew made with barley, wheat, rye, oats and finished with juniper berries) called “Sah’tea” made by the indomitable Dogfish Head, which I have been lucky enough to obtain once. You also have amazing and rare American Wild Ales, like the highly praised Supplication by Russian River. Wheatwine is another American style I would love to pop the literal cork and cage on.

The point I’m trying to make is that the USA, aka land of the free and the home of the brave, has THE best craft beer scene in the world. It is a vibrant melting pot of tasty ales brewed with passion by some of the cleverest people in the game with a great craft beer enthusiast community that is the envy of the world. I would argue that Belgium is still the greatest brewing nation on this green earth, but for the sake of this particular polemic that is neither here nor there.
If you live in the US, and you love beer like I do, you should be thanking God/Buddha/Vishnu for each blessed beer-related day you have on this globe for as long as you live. So celebrate beer and all that is contained within this rich tapestry we call “life” you happy and lucky US citizens… oh and please by all means: Send me Gose, thank you 😉


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The random ramblings of Doc Lyons: Beer writer and site moderator of
I Hate Macros

Cranberra, Ausberryflava

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The random ramblings of Doc Lyons: Beer writer and site moderator of

Cranberra, Ausberryflava

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  1. Nice piece dude. Had Gose once in Ireland and it was quite impressive. But it was a once off in a specialist beer shop. Keep the beer faith. I’ll check out your blog later today. J.


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