Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout – Beer Review

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

Ice cream or Samuel Smith’s Imperial stout.  Seriously, that question entered my mind.  When I get the ice cream out for my kids I really don’t give it much thought until the sprinkles come out.  I go weak for sprinkles.  Problem is I just feel like I’ve got this daily allotment thing for calories.  If I exceed the mystery limit, all heck is gonna break loose and I’ll have to wear “stretchy pants” to work tomorrow.


I chose the stout.

A trip to England last fall really drove home my love affair with beer from the UK.  They manage to keep their abv low while maintaining a richness and complexity that has little competition.  Some folks think it’s their unique water (or at least their marketing guys think so).  I think it has a lot to do with years of strict governmental controls regulating their industry, limiting the abv among other things (woops looked it up after I wrote this review and discovered 7% abv, this is gonna feel good tomorrow).  Within these tightly wound constraints and tension, they were forced to hone their craft and eventually developed beers that taste better than they should – no facts here just my opinion.

When I first tasted this beer, I thought it had chocolate in it. I couldn’t wait to write about the silky smoothness derived from chocolate and molasses.  Well I can taste chocolate but it’s not in the beer.  This is a unique and intriguing beer.


It smells a bit sweet, tastes smooth and rich, finishes dry but not bitter.  It’s complex and yet it doesn’t “open up” like an American stout as it warms.  Rather, this beer is at its pinnacle when it is enjoyed at cellar temperature.

I think I’ll buy a few more for the cellar and see how it ages.

Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout factoids:
ABV 7.0%
Calories 210
IBU 35



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