Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser: Beer Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 

Sam Adams, they’re a company that will get you a pretty wide variety of reaction when you bring them up in conversation.  I still think the Boston Beer company offers far more good than bad brews and their newest offering is a West Coast Style Double IPA.  I love IPA, and even more so love Double and Imperial IPA.  The only thing about these big hopped up beers that I’m not overly crazy about is their typically big hopped up price tags.  Rebel Rouser bucks this trend, and while I’m willing to pay the price for a more expensive beer it is nice to see options making their way to the market that have a lower price.  Rebel Rouser fits right in there, with a $10.99 price tag for a six pack it’s affordable and easy to find, both things I like.  But is the beer any good? Regardless of price that’s what we really care about.

Starting with the pour, Rebel Rouser has a light copper almost golden color topped off with a white head which wasn’t excessively thick.  Then the aroma hits you, for me the beer had a sour citrus aroma that was very pronounced once poured; however after letting the beer breath a little the beer had more if a floral hop aroma which was less pungent and more enjoyable.  Truthfully after a few minutes the aroma on the beer was almost non existent.  The citrus notes on this beer are by far the most pronounced, which is good, it makes the beer fairly refreshing and very palatable.  Rebel Rouser goes down pretty smooth and is pretty well balanced Double IPA, it’s not overbearingly hop forward and finishes with an slight pine note.  All and all it’s a respectable IPA packed full of more traditional Double IPA characteristics that also manages to stand out in the Sam Adam’s line up.  The beer isn’t quite as crisp as it’s standard Rebel IPA counter part but Rebel Rouser is definitely worth your $10.  If you were to stack this beer up against some of the more wildly popular DIPA’s such as Hopslam or RuinTen I’d say go with the latter, but in no way should this beer be ignored.   For those of us who want a more affordable option in double IPA’s Sam Adam’s delivers.

Overall Beer Rating- 3.5/5 stars.

John Fahrner

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John resides in Wolverine Lake, MI and is interested in craft beer, the Detroit Red Wings and MSU.

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