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Featured Contributor Ed Goldsworthy (@TheOnlyFeed)

Hey guys. I’m back. Right here. Ready to roll. Let’s do this. Let’s light this firecracker. Grease this skillet.
I dunno why I typed all that stuff. It was weird, right?
Okay. So I have a shocking admission to make. And there is a big reason why I haven’t written anything on here for a while. So I’m just going to say it. I hope you’re sitting down. Or standing. Or whatever. Look, I can’t solve all of your problems, okay? Sorry. I’m a little crabby. Because…
I stopped drinking beer.
 Now wait, wait. I want to clear something up. I didn’t stop drinking alcohol. But no more beer. Because I am a living, breathing recipient of the very trendy and so 2000’s issue of having a gluten intolerance.
Stop laughing. It’s a real thing. I used to make fun of it too. But when I started feeling like garbage all the time I got it checked out and guess what? Gluten intolerant. No bread. No beer. Sad face.
Now, it’s not all bad. In fact, it’s actually opened some new opportunities for me. For instance, I have gotten in to ciders. Not Redd’s or Woodchuck or any of that swill in a can. The real stuff. Living in Michigan it’s kind of a burgeoning industry and a fun thing to discover.
I’ve also gotten into liquor from smaller distilleries. Especially gin. Again. I live in Michigan. There are plenty to choose from. It’s been fun. It’s been new.
Will I ever drink beer again you ask (I know you didn’t)? Probably. I mean I do real well on this new way of life except for sometimes it’s free bagel Mondays at work and they are from this great place and “shut up…you’re the one eating gluten right now.”  But sadly, for the most part I have to avoid it.
I’ll still come around here. I still have opinions. And I’ll be writing a new feature where i review other forms of beverages. Like ciders. Or gin. I’ll call it “Beyond the Six Pack” or something. Actually, I’ll just call it that.
So please. Raise a glass of your favorite brew in condolences. Because I am eating a piece of bread made from rice bran flour right now. And that is terrible.

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