Rogue Dead Guy Ale Beer Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Maibock’s, a style of beer traditionally available in spring, are in my opinion a welcome change of pace that start to pop up once the earth starts to defrost and my beer taste moves from heavy stouts to lighter selections.  One of the reasons why I really enjoy a maibock is because it’s not offered by a lot of breweries, and many brew pubs that do offer maibocks have limited quantities and are only available on tap in a taproom.   Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale is one of the more well known brews that embraces this style of beer and is available year round.

Dead Guy Ale pours a beautiful copper orange color and will immediately hit you with a fresh aroma of malts, orange peel and fresh fruit.  The beer has a medium body and is not overly carbonated, both of which lend to the beer being pleasantly light and refreshing making a beer that’s very enjoyable to drink.  The malts in this beer are very well represented and the alcohol flavor is not all that prevalent, it only pops out as a finishing note giving a warming characteristic to the beer.  Maibocks are a beer style that don’t see a lot of shelf space so it is nice to have an option for one available year round. Dead Guy Ale is a solid selection not only as an introduction to the maibock style of beer but also to the Rouge brewery, a brewery that is no stranger to taking risks with beers and creating unique ales.  Dead guy is not Rogue’s most risky beer but its a enjoyable selection that you can enjoy in the dead of winter while daydreaming about spring or have as the seasons change as a beer that can welcome in warmer weather and lighter beers.

Overall Beer Rating 3.5/5

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