Ringing The Bell : A Beer Origin Story


I remember my first beer, to my young and uninspired mind, beer was efficient. It was light yellow and fizzy, almost seemed like a natural progression from the Coca-Cola that I guzzled as soon as the day progressed past coffee. Even as a lad I was curious about beer, even if I didn’t like what I was trying. Eventually I landed on PBR and Strohs as my go to’s until a good friend of mine approached me, in much more colorful language, said “what the hell are you drinking?” That night out after a rowdy concert changed my life, redefined how I look at beverages as a whole and even changed how I enjoy things like food and coffee.  Bell’s Brewing was the first brewery to tap my imagination and really start to open my eyes, and palate to the wonderful world of well crafted beer.


That’s how this whole obsession started, with a friend simply demanding more of me as a beer consumer. I remember sitting down at the bar and ordering PBR, before the bartender could even turn around to grab my domesticated fizzy brew my friend stopped him with a simple “no, he doesn’t want that, get him a Bell’s Amber ale”. By George he was right, I did not want that PBR! In fact I haven’t wanted a PBR ever again. My mind was changed, my palate was uninformed but convinced, and I was ready to jump into a new world of better beer. Not long after my first night of craft beer, we called them micro-brews back then, I would venture out and discover other beers in the Bell’s line up such as Two Hearted Ale that would serve as my go to beer for years, as well as the perennial summer favorite Oberon. As much as I love these beers I realized that after getting started drinking craft beers my curiosity was now a raging interest that could never be calmed. I would soon start picking up mixed six packs of anything I could find just to say I tried something. My passion for craft beer seems to grow daily and I owe that to Bell’s Brewing for changing how I think about beer.


Anyone reading this article likely has a similar story as to how they started with their own craft beer obsession, or hobby, whatever you prefer to call it. What’s your beer origin story? Did you trudge through years of domestic fizz or were turned into a beer rebel early like myself? Let us know in the comments, we want your story!

John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

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