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Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Craft beer is great for many reasons, high on that list of reasons is the ability for a brewery to think differently and experiment with new ideas and create different experiences for those willing to indulge.  Right Brain Brewing is a company that is known for brewing slightly on the experimental side and their flagship CEO Stout is delightful and has won multiple awards annually honoring its overall deliciousness.  Another offering in the stout line up for Right Brain is Naughty Girl Stout an American Stout packed with mint clearly inspired by the classic girl scout thin mint cookies. I love when a brewery is willing to produce a product that is different from the vast majority of choices on the shelf, for better or worse the option for something different is at the core of what craft brewing is all about.

Naughty Girl Stout is definitely the realm of unique and different.  This stout pours dark brown, almost black and has a nice dark cream foam with a very pleasant mint aroma, very similar to that of opening a pack of thin mint cookies from the girl scouts.  This stout has an ABV of 5.8% and is surprisingly light for a sweet stout.  The beer comes off as a very clean brew that goes down very smooth.  The issue I have with this beer is really just the overall flavor.  The mint is abrasively on the fore front of this beer and, depending on your tolerance for sweets, it can be down right challenging to drink.  Any malts, chocolate, or bitter flavors that I expect in a stout are completely over powered by the mint.  For someone this will definitely be a plus, for me finishing this beer felt more like homework.  The flavors of Naughty Girl Stout are unbalanced and overbearing, I would have liked this stout much more if the chocolate and malts were more balanced and the mint was more of a finishing note.  I have no doubt that there are people out there that have had or will have this beer and totally disagree with my opinion on this stout, but if overly sweet  styles of brew aren’t really your thing you might want to approach this one with caution.

The principals and values of craft brewing are alive and well with Naughty Girl Stout, in many ways it embodies what craft beer should be.  Craft beer represents choice and variety and although I have no intention on buying another bottle of this beer it’s good to know that beers like this are out there diversifying the dark malty world of the stout.

Overall beer rating 2.5/5 stars

John Fahrner

John Fahrner

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