Revolution Brewing Citra-Hero -6-Pack Review

Credit: Revolution Brewing

As a Chicago resident, I’m very familiar with Revolution Brewing. In fact, an Anti-Hero IPA was one of the first beers I drank when I got here, and it’s solidified my love of Revolution Brewing beer ever since. Since opening in 2010, Revolution has been a staple in the Logan Square community. They make strong, flavor packed beers that are hard to forget and easy to try again. Beers like A Little Crazy, Fist City and Rosa are all beers that stand out to me, but it’s their Hero” IPA series that they’re most known for. While Anti-Hero is probably their hallmark beer, the two other recent varieties: Crystal-Hero – which I tried at Beer Camp – and now, Citra-Hero, which I got the chance to try recently, both stand out in their own unique ways.

So, when I saw the bright, in-your-face, yellow-toned packaging of Citra-Hero, I knew I had to give it a whirl. Not only is it already a highly regarded beer but my affinity for fruit-infused IPAs made this one a no-brainer. Here’s my review after finishing the full 6-pack.


Revolution Citra-Hero American IPA

Stats: 7.5% ABV, 85 IBU – made with Citra hops

Thoughts: When I poured it out, the first thing I noticed was the thick head, clearly 20160811_193956showing why Revolution chose to go with canning their Hero series instead of bottling as it keeps the carbonation better. After letting it settle, the color was a muddled yellow gold color which was much lighter than the Anti and Crystal counterparts I’ve tried. The first sip was good and familiar for an American IPA. The Citra hops came through almost immediately, accompanied by a light burst of fruit – I mostly tasted orange and grapefruit. I say light because I found myself almost searching for the strong flavor I expected from a Revolution Hero beer. Although the fruitiness wasn’t big at first, as I kept on drinking it began to get more notes of fruit which really partnered well with the larger hop flavor.

Verdict: It’s good but not great – it doesn’t have the jaw-dropping flavors of Anti-Hero and Crystal-Hero but it’s still incredibly easy and fun drink. It’s light and bright enough that it would work perfectly as a summer sipping beer and I personally would be able to drink more of this one than the other Hero varieties I’ve tried. Plus – packaging it the familiar Revolution closed 6-pack makes it easy to transport – maybe bring a pack up to your Labor Day hangout.

So, there is my review of Citra Hero. If you’re new to Revolution Brewing, I highly suggest you try out their entire Hero series line – I still have three other versions to try with Galaxy Hero being next on my list.  And if you’re ever in the Logan Park neighborhood, I highly suggest you check out their taproom, especially for brunch as they make great beermosas.

Credit: Revolution Brewing

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