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From David, Founder of Sommbeer
I’m not complaining, but I find it odd that we don’t receive more samples from companies at Sommbeer.  We are averaging around a million hits per month on so it’s not that we’re “small time”.  My theory on this is simple; We don’t accept compensation from companies which makes it risky for them to send us their product for review.  A paid reviewer has to write nice stuff – we don’t. At Sommbeer, we serve up brutal honesty and that’s a lot of risk for a company looking for promotion.  If they send us samples and we don’t like it, it’s going on the ‘net.  I was therefore surprised to see this package arrive in my mailbox a few days after I interacted with the guys at Regrained on Twitter.  They are a new operation with a product line that requires some explainin’ – they took a big risk by sending it to me for review.
Regrained makes health bars from spent barley used after the brewing process.  It makes for great marketing because it’s made from beer – sorta.  It has a cool factor that I think will appeal to craft beer fans that are also interested in staying healthy – but would it taste good?
My little brother taught my years ago that your body will “tell” what it wants and what is good for it.  Eat a half a pizza and feel like garbage?  Yep, your body didn’t need that.  Same goes for some of those high-tech energy/nutrition bars loaded up with chemicals and ingredients I can’t read.  They don’t make me feel good.  Both of these bars made me feel good.
When I opened the box I was really surprised at their raw and unprocessed appearance.  I imagine that If you pushed the brewer aside and shoveled the used barley out of the fermenter onto a cookie tray this is what you would have. I’m an adventure eater, but wow these look like neanderthal fibrous fiber bars.
A word about fiber: Yes I’m the old man that values fiber in his diet.  Before you dismiss this gastronomical lecture, consider that fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels (good for any beer drinker) and makes you feel full without all the calories. Oh and it makes you regular.  Too many of those high-tech nutrition bars cheat by adding fiber that just gives you gas (Fiber One comes to mind).  
This bar has fiber, no getting past that.  However, they taste great.  The Chocolate Stout was very good and and I felt good all day (my body told me it was good for me).
The next day I tried the “Honey Almond IPA” bar…
I opened the package and started writing this review.  I loved it!  I liked it so much I forgot I was writing a review on it and almost forgot the mandatory pic.  While the “Chocolate Stout” was good it was a bit heavy on the palate, the “IPA” was just about perfect.  Now it’s starting to sound like a beer review isn’t it?
Have fun, stay healthy.
Hey – If you find other beer related food products, let me know
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