Chaos – Courtesy of “Random Ron”

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:


I can’t do random.  I’m logical and  “linear” in my  methodical approach to everything I do.  When I buy beer, I rationalize my pending purchase based on the styles I like, price, season etc….  I rarely walk away with any surprises and frankly it has limited what is in my cellar.  My cellar is “Johnny One Note”, almost entirely dominated by Stouts and Old Ales. Thankfully I have Random Ron.

3 Fast Facts about Random Ron
– Ron doesn’t like beer
– Ron doesn’t “know” good beer
– Ron has introduced me to some of the best beers in the world

For favors and celebratory events, Ron has on more than one occasion purchased beer for me that turns out to be fantastic.  Every time, it’s something I never would have purchased on my own.  Here’s his approach.  He walks in to our local corner store and either looks for dust on bottles, a fancy label or picks up something that somebody standing next to him mentions (seriously).  That’s random to me.  If I attempted this approach to buying beer I would never leave the store, my internal circuitry would leave me in the store unable to function.  I would be left banging my head against the wall.

Here’s a sample of what Random Ron has brought into my beer world

1. Dogfish Head 120

Dog Fish Head 120 - Somm Beer
Review: My first true Imperial IPA that was a wild ride
How he Picked this: No idea
Gift Purpose: Job promotion

2. Old Speckled Hen


photo from  Old Speckled Hen Video
Review: A slightly caramelized complex brew that pulled me into the world of English beer
How he Picked this:  The bottle had dust all over it
Gift Purpose: He dropped this in my kid’s Halloween bag when she rang his doorbell (Note to Ron: you forgot the cigar and lighter)

3. Final Absolution
Review: I like the meades from this brewery but have been skeptical about their beers.  Again without Ron, I would have never have tasted this beer.  I liked it.
It is a medium to heavy bodied beer with a complex flavor profile that ends slightly bitter.
How he Picked this: Ron walked into a gas station ……
Gift Purpose: No idea, I must have done something spectacular

IMG_4799 (2)

It’s good to try new things, I just need assistance from Random Ron to do it.


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