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Hello. How are you? Having a great time? Throwing back a pint? That is awesome and I am super happy for you.
My dog just died. Like. Today.
Sorry. Sorry. That was a total downer. But I am just feeling it. So. Many. Feelings.
My wife and I have been married for almost 18 years. We got our dog 3 years in. He was our first kid.  When he was four, we had our first human kid. Then two more humans. But come on, who’s kidding who? He was still our kid. All five of us came to love him like a bonafide member of the family. He was awesome. Little. Scrappy. As thrilled to see us the one gazillioth time as he was the first time.
But 15 years is a long time to be a dog. And today, it was just…”it.”  His little heart (half Yorki/half Shih Tzu) couldn’t take one more day. We got to see him. We held him. We cried. We went out to dinner after. We cried some more.
It’s amazing when you lose a dog. It’s not a human. But it leaves a huge, gaping hole in your life. I mean, just sitting here it is so eerily silent. He isn’t barking for food or water or to go out. He isn’t jammed up against my leg snoring. He’s just gone.
But you know what? He was a great dog. A world-class dog. And the best thing any of you reading this can do is raise a glass. I don’t care if it’s the most pretentious IPA (my choice) or a Coors Light. He wouldn’t care. He was whatever the dog equivalent to street smart and blue collar is.
But. As a fellow beer lover. Do me one favor.
Raise a glass for Gromit. The greatest dog in the world.
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Ed Goldsworthy is a writer who lives in Brighton, Mi. He has a wife and three kids. His interests include hiking, camping and not being that good at guitar. He is most known for very little else.

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