The Qualifications of BA Qualified – Qualified from Taxman Brewing Beer Review

Beer Review – Qualified from Taxman Brewing, Bargersville Indiana
by Frank Yates

The Qualifications of BA Qualified

I like beer and I imagine you probably do too.  Am I professional beer taster? Beer reviewer? Writer? Nope.  I am just regular guy who enjoys craft beer, different beers from all over the world, and I definitely would not be so snobby as to turn my nose up at an ice cold PBR after doing lawn work on a hot and muggy summer day.  I can’t go on and on about tasting the subtle notes and secondary flavors.  I can’t tell you about the hint of over ripened apricots or the Indonesian manggis fruit overtones that waft from the bouquet.  I can’t tell you much about this beer except whether I enjoyed it or not.  If you are still with my so far, then I think it’s about time I tell you about this beer.

Taxman Brewing is a pretty new brewery to me.  I’ve tried about three or four of the Taxman beers, and enjoyed them, but everyone kept telling me that I needed to hit the Vault Series.  The Vault Series, if you are unfamiliar with it, is Taxman’s barrel aged beers.  It doesn’t take much to convince me to try a barrel aged beer so on my next jaunt across the river to Indiana I snagged the Barrel Aged Qualified.  It’s a Belgian style dark quadruple that’s rolled around in some bourbon barrels for a bit.  I chilled it off for an appropriate amount of time and popped it open.  On the first pour, I immediately got worried.  It’s too light in color!  It’s not pouring out thick like syrup!  What have I got myself into?  Did I just waste $15?  I gave it a sniff and you could definitely tell the bourbon was there.  It was time for a taste.  I gave it a sip and it was indeed on the thinner side as far as mouth feel but it was definitely not lacking in taste.  I can tell this was a solid quad before it even hit the barrel.  This beer had, the best I can describe it, a “fresh” bourbon taste.  Imagine that you took a sip of a great quad and then immediately took a little nip of bourbon (except with no burn).  As the beer warmed, the bourbon nose increased but the taste remained about the same; which is unusual for a BBA brew.  This beer had a great bourbon taste without the usual weight you come to expect from a BBA beer.  I really enjoyed this beer and it definitely seems like one you could enjoy all year long.

Let me finish by telling you all of the reasons I am qualified, pun intended, to tell you why you will like this beer.  I’m not.  Every beer tastes different to everyone and that is what makes the world of beer so awesome.  If you like a good quad or enjoy barrel aged beers, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  But I could be wrong.  My personal opinion, for what it is worth, is to give this one a try.  I enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it.


@Beer_Review_502, Louisville, KY