Pure Brews: Season 2 Ep. 6 Recap


This weeks episode of Pure Brews America starts at Unruly Brewing in Muskegon Michigan.  Unruly has an awesome rock and roll vibe and really has a feel of a fun environment, you can tell by watching the taproom but you should really had out and investigate yourself. Plus this brewery is haunted! No Kidding, the building used to be a post office that tragically had a fire in it claiming the lives of 3 firemen.  We get to see Shannon go ghost hunting in the brewery basement and well it’s kind of creepy. Shenanigans ensue, we don’t get to see a ghost, but one of the employees does freak Shannon out so that’s fun.


After the ghosts are vanquished Shannon, Ryan, and the crew make their way over to Mountain Town Brewing Company in Mount Pleasant Michigan.  Mountain Town has quite the history behind their brew, at the time when they opened they were only the 6th brewery in the state. We also get to learn about the tasty and often hard to find gruit style of beer, a brew that is 100% hopless!  Not a lot of brewers make a gruit so if you come across one definitely order up a pint and enjoy!

If you missed this week’s episode of Pure Brews America it can be viewed and you’re in the Michigan region you can always catch it on demand from local cable providers or you can view this episode and all the past episodes on the Pure Brews America Website.



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