Pure Brews Season 2 Ep. 4 Recap

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This week on Pure Brews America the crew starts by taking us out to the farm and visits Greenbush brewing. Crazy as it might sound Greenbush was actually started after the Co-Founder Scott Sullivan hurt his hand woodworking.  After hurting his hand he had some time to kill and decided to start homebrewing in his free time.  After getting some advice from his friend, Co-Founder Justin Heckathorn, the two set out and opened their brewery in Sawyer Michigan.

Then it’s time to get to work bottling some Dunegrass IPA!  After packing up some cases of delicious beer Shannon heads down the street to an old church and gets make some sausages for the brewery with Paul Sypian, Greenbush’s Master Sausage Maker.  After making sausage Shannon heads back to the pub and tries some beers! We get to learn a little more about Dunegrass, Star Chicken Shotgun and Doom Slayer!

After Greenbush the Pure Brews crew heads to Wixom Michigan and gives us some insight about what goes into opening a new brewery by chatting with Aaron and Kristin Rzeznik of Drafting Table Brewing Company.  Drafting Table has only been open since March 26th of this year but they already are earning quite the reputation for making fantastic beers. This segment on Pure Brews starts by Aaron telling us about all the things that have to be done before you even open the doors, and then wraps up with a visit three months after Drafting Table opened.  There’s even a shot of the Sommbeer team enjoying a few brews at Drafting Table!

Sommbeer secretly on Pure Brews America

An episode of pure brews wouldn’t be complete without a recipe from Hopcat right? This week we learn how to make a vinaigrette dressing that is for adults only before heading north to Short’s for their yearly anniversary party!

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When we talked to Shannon about this episode she told us that after going to the Short’s Anniversary Party, and hearing Joe Short’s State of the Brewery speech is that there is no denying that Short’s has some of the most passionate and wonderful human beings on the planet. Of all the brewers that have been on Pure Brews America I think it would be hard to find an owner that has been more genuine and passionate about their beer, their employees and their company than Joe Short.  I already had a ton of respect for Short’s Brewing but after watching this episode of Pure Brews I respect this company even more.  This party looks like it was a blast and I gotta admit, I’m more than a little jealous that I missed out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.56.19 PMIf you missed this week’s episode of Pure Brews America it can be viewed and you’re in the Michigan region you can always catch it on demand from local cable providers or you can view this episode and all the past episodes on the Pure Brews America Website.

Also if you haven’t caught it yet,  this week Shannon Long was also interviewed on Short’s Cast, the Shorts Brewing Podcast.  Shannon chats about her company Brew Export and the origins of the Pure Brews America show.  It’s a great listen and well worth the time to download and check out!

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