Pure Brews Season 2 Ep. 2 Recap

IMG_7040This week of Pure Brews America starts us in Ryan’s home town of Grand Haven Michigan taking us to the Odd Side Ales Brewery.  Shannon goes behind the scenes and we get to hear the story of how Odd Side got to where they are today.  Rooted from a humble apartment while attending of Michigan State Odd Side has spawned over 100 beers since their inception.  We get to peak inside Odd Side’s brand new production facility and we also go back to the roots of Odd Side by looking at their original brewing rig.

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Before heading to the next brewery on this weeks episode we get to take a look at the Iron Brewer home brewing competition. Iron Brewer is a home brewing event that is hosted by Brewing World in Warren Michigan.  The event is similar to the Iron Chef cooking show except with beer.  We also make a pit stop with the Hopcat crew and learn a recipe for a Hard Cider barbecue sauce.


Next up we head over to Arbor Brewing Company in Ypsilanti Michigan.  I’ve always thought of Arbor Brewing as one of the coolest and most laid back breweries in the area and after watching Ryan and Shannon chat with the owners its pretty clear why.  The story behind the birth of their Strawberry Blonde ale is both humorous and the kind of story that can endear them, and their beer, to their customers.  Personally I’m not a big fan of sour beer, but it was fascinating listening to the fermentation and barrel aging process of sour beers.  The visit with Arbor brewing wraps up by learning about the Arbor Brewing location in India proving beyond any doubt that craft beer really is now a world-wide phenomenon.

If you missed this week’s episode of Pure Brews America it can be viewed and you’re in the Michigan region you can always catch it on demand from local cable providers or you can view this episode and all the past episodes on the Pure Brews America Website.



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