Pure Brews – S2 – Ep 1

John Fahrner and I are always on the lookout for something new and fun in the beer universe.  We look low and high to the far reaches of this world to find interesting items for our readers.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered, the TV series Pure Brews America , produced right in our backyard.  

Pure Brews is an innovative and entertaining show that takes viewers on a journey to beer and breweries.  John and I met the hosts, Shannon and Ryan, and were impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm for craft beer and the brewers that make it.  As a result, we have decided to partner with Pure Brews to showcase their upcoming episodes.

Sommbeer will give you behind the scenes scoops, stories and previews!
 Now for some behind the scenes stories from Shannon, the co-host of Pure Brews America. 
Meeting John Mallet was SOOOO exciting! The Dude is a legend in the industry and around the world. He started at Bell’s washing kegs. Now, he has helped create a state of the art brewing facility, and he could not be more proud of his robots!  
Pure Brews at Bells - Two Hearted
– This experience didn’t make the episode, but it was still so cool and terrifying! We were fozing in the Two-Hearted Cellar! Fozing is essentially the process of getting rid of the bad, old, dead yeast at the bottom of the fermenter. When I turned the lever to open the butterfly valve, I could hear the rumble of a 460BBL fermenter behind me. So intense!  
Pure Brews and Witch's Hat - Well Water
Ryan drilled into the Well Water barrels, and I caught the liquid to get a sample or two. We had to drill about 8 times to finally get a sample. Well Water is a beer brewed in honor of Erin and Ryan’s good friend, Jerry, and they say he is always messing around with them from heaven! He had to make his presence known on Pure Brews America! 
Episode Info: 
Premiers on Saturday, July 9 at 12:30 PM on WWJ 62 in Detroit
WWTV in Traverse City; and WLNS in Lansing.
The show will also run on Sunday, July 10 at 1:00 PM on WWMT in Grand Rapids.
Pure Brews S2 Ep1
 Pure Brews at Witch's Hat
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