Pure Brews America : Season 2 Episode 6 Preview

This week on Pure Brews America the gang checks out two more up and coming breweries in the great beer state of Michigan.  Ryan, Shannon, and the crew head over to Muskegon Michigan and pay a visit to Unruly Brewing, a company that might have one of the best mission statements around (LIVE LIFE. BE UNRULY.); and then heads over to Mount Pleasant to visit Mountain Town Brewing Company who as of this year will be celebrating their 20th year of making fantastic beer.


Unruly is one of the few breweries on Pure Brews America that I have not had the opportunity to visit as of yet (they’re right at the top of my current “to visit” list),  but they have certainly earned a reputation as one of the most intriguing breweries in Michigan right now. If you visit Unruly’s website and read through their bio about themselves it’s pretty clear that they have found a balance of doing things right but also making sure things stay fun at the same time.  Their beer list is pretty extensive and has no shortage of tasty sounding brews.  I think a short road trip to the west side of Michigan will be in order before to long.

unruly2“I am close friends with the whole Unruly gang, which means they went above and beyond on filming day. It also helped that it was my 24th Birthday! This went down in history as one of the best days of my life thanks to Unruly. I love the atmosphere, beer, and people! They have coffee and pizza shops in the same building. I could live in the basement of Unruly. But………..I NEVER want to live in that basement. It’s haunted! Eric Hoffman’s wife, Trisha and I went ghost hunting. This was actually terrifying. It was pitch black and all we had was the night vision on the camera. I needed like 10 beers after that experience!” Shannon



As mentioned earlier Mountain Town Brewing Co. started in 1996 as Mountain Town Station and Steakhouse. At the time the establishment was a microbrewery that operated out of the restaurant and over the course of time that business grew.  in 2007 Mountain Town formed  a second company, Mountain Town Brewing Company, that was dedicated to making craft beers using the same recipes made popular in the steakhouse.

“This filming day was a hot one! I’m talking 100 degrees in their brewhouse! Nonetheless, we had some wonderful, refreshing beers to cool things down. I also took breaks in the beer cooler! I didn’t want to be dripping sweat on camera, but it was inevitable! They put me to work! I helped lift quite a few 50 lbs. grain bags well above my head.” -Shannon


Make sure to check out Pure Brews America this Saturday on your local Michigan CBS affiliate.  Also you can catch previous episodes on the Pure Brews America website and also On Demand!



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