Pure Brews America Season 2 Ep. 4 Preview

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This week wraps up the first half of season 2 of Pure Brews America and to cap off the first half of the season Shannon and Ryan head to two of the most renowned and respected breweries in the great beer state of Michigan.

” I met Bill. Bill is a rooster, and he is a complete jerk”- Shannon

First off the gang stops off at Greenbush Brewing in Sawyer Michigan.  Greenbush brews a few favorite beers among the Sommbeer staff (Delusion, Mr. Hyde and Brother Benjamin) and consistently cranks out world class beers.  Greenbush also offers some acclaimed dishes in their taproom and many of the veggies they use are grown on their own farm just down the road from the brewery.  Shannon and Ryan got to check out the farm and apparently there are shenanigans afoot when Shannon met Bill the Rooster!

“I was attacked by Bill twice, and he drew blood. Nonetheless, I love Bill and Greenbush. I had an amazing time running around the farm interacting with all of the animals” -Shannon

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There is no denying that Short’s has some of the most passionate and wonderful human beings on the planet! -Shannon

Also Shannon and Ryan get to head up to Bellaire Michigan for one of the biggest brewery parties of the year, the Short’s Brewing Anni-Party. Shorts is one of the biggest breweries in the State and they some of the most intriguing beers on the planet.  No matter what style of beer you favor Short’s will have an option that will make you fall in love with their beer.   The annual anniversary party is one of their biggest events and luckily for all of use we get to check it out through this weeks Pure Brews Episode!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.06.57 PM “We filmed at Short’s during their “Anni Party,” and it was an experience! They literally close down the road and fill it with great people and even better people. We climbed on top of a roof to get a cool shot of the entire party; this put it into perspective how many craft beer lovers were in attendance! Nearly brought tears to my eyes!” -Shannon

This week Shannon Long was also interviewed on Short’s Cast, the Shorts Brewing Podcast.  Shannon chats about her company Brew Export and the origins of the Pure Brews America show.  It’s a great listen and well worth the time to download and check out!

Photo Credit : Shorts Brewing

Make sure to check out Pure Brews America this Saturday on your local Michigan CBS affiliate.  Also you can catch previous episodes on the Pure Brews America website and also On Demand!



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