Pure Brews America : Season 2 Ep. 1 Recap

This Saturday July 9th marked the return of Pure Brews America, a fantastic show that earned 8 Michigan Emmy nominations in its first season of production.  To follow-up such a successful first season Ryan, Shannon and the rest of the Pure Brews America crew start this season by visiting Bell’s Brewing in Kalamazoo and also feature Witch’s Hat Brewing in South Lyon.  Also during this episode the crew hopped around to some of the local Kalamazoo breweries, like Gonzo’s and Tibbs, and we also got a cooking lesson from the good people at Hopcat!

Pure Brews S2 Ep1

Pure Brew’s visit at Bells starts by taking you in the in their beautiful Bier Garden where Shannon and Laura Bell share a couple pints of Bell’s Amber Ale and of course the legendary Two Hearted Ale.  After a talking about those classic beers we get to know Laura a little more as she chats with Ryan about how she came into the beer business.  It’s a cool interview because it shows beyond any doubt that Laura Bell is passionate about the beer Bell’s makes but also shows her appreciation for what Bell’s has become.

Pure Brews at Bells - Two Hearted

Next Shannon heads into the production facility for Bell’s.  You get to see some of the cool tips and tricks that Bell’s will use to make some of their brews and get a behind the scenes look at some of the tactics used by the brewery to assure that the quality of every beer is up to Bell’s standards.  We also get introduced to the “fozzing” technique used in the making of Two Hearted Ale and learn about the massive amount of real estate dedicated to the American IPA classic.

Pure Brews at Witch's Hat

Next up Shannon and Ryan head over to Witch’s Hat in South Lyon Michigan. The visit starts a meet and greet with the customers in the taproom before Ryan sits down with Ryan and Erin Cottongim and talk about the roots of Witch’s Hat and history of the brewery.  We then move behind the bar where Shannon finds herself talking with staff members Jonathan and Thomas about some of the brews available at The Hat.  Shannon then heads into the production area and starts to work on the new beer  “I Scream for Cream” with the Brewer Joe.  The show wraps up with Ryan and Shannon drilling out  a same 2015 Well Water, which is really a perfect beer to top off any occasion.

If you missed this weeks episode of Pure Brews you can check it out on Xfinity on Demand if you are in the local Michigan region or you can view episodes on the Pure Brews America Website.  Stay tuned for next week as Ryan and Shannon head out to Arbor Brewing and Odd Side Ales!




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