Pure Brews America To Return for Season 3

Last year we got to go on a journey through the great beer state of Michigan all from the comfort of our home. Each week we had the chance to go explore and learn about some of the best beers available in the great lakes, and perhaps even plan our own road trips after watching a lovable crew be our video tour guide every Saturday afternoon.  Of course I am talking about the Michigan Emmy Winning program titled Pure Brews America, and starting Saturday July 8th Shannon Long and the crew will be back to continue their adventure seeking out the best beers available throughout the Mid-West.

How do you follow up a season exploring such craft beer juggernauts as Bell’s Brewery or Founders Brewing Co?  Take the show on the road of course! This year the Pure Brews crew will leave the state of Michigan for the first time exploring legendary breweries such as Three Floyds, Sun King, and Revolution Breweing while also staying true to their Michigan roots by checking out breweries like Upper Hand, Dragonmead, and the Sommbeer Favorite Griffin Claw.  Additionally this season Pure Brews will check out some non beer options by swinging by Blake’s Hard Cider and B. Nektar Meadery to highlight some alternatives to beer in the craft brewing world.

As if great beer from 4 states isn’t enough, Season 3 of Pure Brews will also continue to feature weekly tips and tricks from Hopcat, one of the most iconic and fastest growing names in the beer bar world, as well as weekly beef jerky and beer pairings! Some mixology tips even make their way into this season to further your craft beverage horizons.

What makes Pure Brews America a great show, more than the beer or food tips, is getting a behind the scenes look at what makes your favorite breweries unique.  The people in the craft beer industry are artistic, creative, passionate people who pour their personality in every pint of beer that makes it to your cooler. Shannon effortlessly highlights this and clearly shares that same passion for craft beer. In a media cycle that often highlights buyouts, mergers, and other topics that like to make beer not so much fun Pure Brews reminds us of what makes craft beer great, the community that creates and supports it.  If you are in the Pure Brews broadcast area make sure to check out and/or record Pure Brews America every Saturday.  If you love beer you’ll love this show.  If you’re not in the Pure Brews broadcast area you can still check out the show on the Pure Brews America website, also make sure to catch up on any past episodes you may have missed.

You can also check out the full Pure Brews America Season 3 Press Release,  and of course to be sure to follow Pure Brews on Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, and YouTube.







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