Protein Beer: Made with Whole Gainz

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Supplemental Brewing

Water, barley, hops, and yeast. Those are the four ingredients that have traditionally been used in making beer. But recently, we’ve seen some real creativity added to those ingredients, including blueberries, coffee beans, orange peels, and plenty of other additions to give a unique flavor to the beer. But these all focus on taste: what if an ingredient was added to do something more than affect the flavor?

We at Supplemental Brewing have developed beer fortified with whey protein to help beer drinkers meet their fitness goals. Today’s beers catered toward fitness buffs are generally watered down, tasteless versions of their  counterparts (I’m looking at you, Michelob Ultra). We are trying to change that with beers that taste great and provide real nutritional value.

Supplemental Brewing started just like any other craft brewery: in a kitchen boiling up wort. I had tried my hand at many different beer styles with some great results and of course, some forgettable batches. However, the idea for something unique struck me as I came home from my Friday workout, blended my protein shake, and opened a bottle of Two Brothers Prairie Path. As I alternated between sips of the protein and beer, it was clear what next batch of homebrew would be: the world’s first IPA: Indian Protein Ale.

From there, we developed recipes that will be loved by both beer and fitness enthusiasts. Brewtein is our American Wheat ale, packed with 7g of whey protein, and NutriBeer is our light lager with 4g of protein and a subtle citrus flavor from the Cascade hops. These beers provide a great option for bodybuilders to finally have a guilt-free drink and beer drinkers to work in some extra protein when needed.

Brewtein InfoNutriBeer Info

Clearly, Supplemental Brewing caters to a niche market, so reaching this market is our biggest challenge. That is why we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate awareness of protein beer and raise funds to start distributing to a wide geographic area right off the bat.

If you’re interested in contributing in exchange for some great rewards or just checking out how many crazy people there are in America interested in protein beer, check out


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