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March 27th 2015. #1
This Same Day Our Fire Alarm Woke Us Up At 5am
Because The Pellet Stove Got Backed Up, and then
the Fire Department Showed Up!

Prohibition Pig is located in Waterbury Vermont, (23 South Main Street if you were thinking of Googling).
My friends and I walked in around 4:45 and were seated immediately by the friendly colorful staff. I like to use the word colorful, but I don’t at all mean that in a bad way. Every staff member I encountered was extremely friendly and hospitable. There is this relaxed vibe that really made me believe there has to be some kind of incredible management going on here. Everyone genuinely seemed happy and at ease in their position.
“Trendy spot for classic cocktails and BBQ.” They note on their website. The whole atmosphere was really chilled out..despite its large size. Deep warm colors coat the walls to set an even tone and friendly atmosphere. The theme seemed to generally be leaning in a farmhouse direction. The furniture was all comfortable and modernized but the walls gave the hint covered In chickens and pigs.
The open floor plan and high ceilings really make this place socially successful. I mentioned the large size of this place, well they NEED it! From what I gathered this spot is a GO-TO for many, and word of mouth travels. This place got packkkkedddddd! But because of the open floor plan and higher ceilings these guys can pack this puppy to its max and everyone can still be comfortable and have a good time.
Cool tid bit, their brewery is right in back of their restaurant, I actually missed it as I was walking by. Not only is it a different color, but  it’s a completely different building. We didn’t get a chance to stop into the brewery, that will have to be for next time.
These guys are known for their finger licking “fine BBQ”, craft beer and “classic cocktails”. I have to say although I had a great time the food was a little less than what I expected. Given the name of the restaurant it seemed that their main focus was gravitating towards BBQ, even though there was still a theme around craft beer and cocktails.
On that note I was completely blown away by the tap list and noooooot so much the food.
Don’t get me wrong here guys I was not delicate about this at all. I chose the brisket with their bacon BBQ sauce. I’ll attach some pictures but this thing looked fan flippin tastic.. Lime green juicy pickle on top of a beautiful golden bun, BBQ sauce oozing out the sides like it was HIRED to do so. Thin crispy onion strips piled high on top of this Godly looking slab of brisket.
Listen… It was even on this cute small tray decorated with a piece of brown deli paper to fully capture the true atmosphere of the restaurant.

But when I took my first bite it was a mess.
And I like messes…
I had to kind of rip apart my sandwich to check but the brisket was so fatty. It wasn’t a forgivable piece of understandably fatty meat, it was just kind of almost a slab of fat.
Okay, I take it back that was mean to say.
But it was close my homies.
Proceeding to the sauce.
Mmkay guys, when you go somewhere with any sort of variety, what do you like about that variety?
Call me silly.. But I like the whole idea of being able to choose what kind of sauce I’m getting…… so I know what kind of sauce I’m getting. Or at least have an idea. Right??!
The thing about the sauces,
The honest thing about the sauces.
They were the downfall of this restaurant.
Really in all seriousness, although there were descriptions, they were very vague, and when we dug into our meals we realized the descriptions weren’t all that accurate either.
Purpose of choice DEFEATED!!!
So like I said I got the bacon BBQ sauce.
I would like to rename-chipotle BBQ sauce? It wasn’t a problem with me at all because I like hot and spicy, but a heads up definitely would have been appreciated.
The only real problem I had with the vague descriptions was when my friend Kelly ordered a pulled pork sandwich and although advertised as “Eastern North Carolina Style” she said her sauce tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before. In a way that she wasn’t able to take another bite before drenching the whole thing in the bacon BBQ sauce.
I guess that’s a pretty big compliment to the bacon BBQ sauce though.
My boyfriend got the chicken and biscuits, he said he really enjoyed the biscuits.
Apart from that though the fries (both duck fat and regular) were delicious. However the pretzels were a bit too over cooked to comfortably eat. They were delicious but were breaking apart and making a mess as we were eating them. Let me tell you though the Heady Topper mustard was out of this world.
Get it.
Eat it.

So let’s talk about beer…
I don’t know if you all are just spoiled over there in Vermont but this tap list was awesome. It’s always nice to go out of state and be able to enjoy a bunch of new brews. Being from New England I didn’t expect to see such a variety of beer, that I haven’t had the chance to try yet. I am so happy to say that I got to try Susan on draft. What an amazing treat. It’s rare I get to try ANY Hill Farmstead fresh on draft like that. So really that was a huge privilege.
Although I didn’t try any of the cocktails the list was more than desirable, as well as the whiskey and bourbon list.
My experience…
My journey to Prohibition Pig,
was definitely worth the trip.
The food was a little less than I expected but hey, it happens.
It was a pleasant meal with extraordinary service and a comfortable atmosphere. Most defiantly a place of good management and morals.
A restaurant that I am more than happy to support.
Shout out to the whole staff if any of you are reading this, thank you guys for the great time. I really appreciated how hospitable and kind you all were, it was extremely professional and really made the difference in our experience.
At this restaurant … the people and the beer make the meal.

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Thanks so much for reading guys. This was a great experience I’m happy I got to share it with you all. Next review to be announced shortly.
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