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Senior Editor – John Fahrner @fahrn13

I feel like breweries that choose to can their beers go unnoticed far too often. Since I have started writing for one of the beers that’s gotten the most feedback was Ten Fidy, a big beefy imperial stout that has honestly become one of my favorite trophy beers. Ten Fidy is one of the many amazing brews from Oskar Blues, A company whose beer I see pretty much anywhere I shop yet I really don’t hear people talking about all too often. I don’t understand it, packed in these little 12oz bundles of joy have been some of the tastiest and more enjoyable beers that I’ve had in recent memory. Pinner Throwback IPA is another offering that packs a keg full of flavor into 6 tiny kegs that are far easier to lug around.

Pinner is a seriously funky session IPA that has all the flavor packed into its can of some of the big ABV flagship IPA’s you’ll find in your local craft beer aisle. Pinner pours with a hazy golden color and has a slight white head, the aroma from this beer is a delectable hopped up floral scent demanding respect as a proper IPA. The beer itself is a perfectly balanced bitter citrus explosion with delightful pineapple notes making for an excellent refreshing beer. The surprise on this beer is its pleasantly low ABV, at just 4.9% this session has instantly earned my respect as a legitimate option for any time that I want to sit back and have a few beers. One of the more simple pleasures in life, in my opinion, is sitting back in my backyard and enjoying a beer with a cigar. Not every beer plays well with cigars, normally I prefer pairing a cigar with a big body beer like a stout or a sticky Double IPA. Pinner works as a partner for a cigar, it’s just sticky and dank enough to glorify the flavor of a cigar and keep some moisture in the throat enhancing both experiences. I’m by no means a cigar expert, I usually just go with what smells good inside the humidor, but a Makers Mark stogie and a few Pinners served me well as an answer to a bad afternoon at work and a gateway to a relaxing afternoon.

Pinner breaks a lot of perceptions with beer. It’s a canned session IPA. So before people even try it they see a can and know it’s on the low side in terms of ABV. In regards to the can, this might be personal opinion but can we please start embracing cans more in the good beer world? There really aren’t many downsides to the can. Cans travel well and fit in coolers with ease, and if you want to keep your beer at home aging in a cellar aluminum doesn’t allow light to skunk up the treasure inside of it. When it comes to the low ABV of sessions I still can’t figure out why people interpret this as a negative. I drink beer because I enjoy beer, not because I’m looking for a booze bomb in an effort to ignore reality. There’s any number of reasons that I might want to have multiple beers throughout the course of a day and session ipa’s are one of the best ways to do this. Big flavors without putting you down in the middle of whatever it is you’re doing. Pinner Throwback IPA is a refreshing new take on a classic style. Pick this beer up the next time you mow your lawn or fire up the BBQ, it’s a great way to welcome in the warmer months and enjoy a brew.

Overall Beer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

John Fahrner
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