Patriots vs Falcons has turned into Samuel Adams vs Sweetwater

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Its Super Bowl week, which means there will be constant coverage of both lucky football franchises, along with the antics of the fans, businesses and cities each team hails from. And while there’s sure to be buzz about what the local Atlanta and Boston governors bet each other and anticipation, or dread, or the latest Budweiser Super Bowl spot, there’s one interesting bet from two prominent breweries that has me intrigued: Sweetwater (ATL) vs Samuel Adams (NE).

Maybe you saw that a local Georgia gas station has refused to sell Sam Adams, but the recent Twitter feud between the two beloved brew houses has definitely upped the ante. Sam Adams Beer initially started the “fight” by tweeting that the losing team’s brewery has to wear the other team’s colors, which Sweetwater refuted by dropping the gauntlet and betting that the winning brewery gets to change the name of one of the loser’s popular beers.

Can you imagine a Sweetwater New England Patriots EPA or even more entertaining, a Dirty Bird Boston Lager? Those were just two of the titles playfully thrown out by the two brewing powerhouses, but it got me thinking, why stop there? How about the winning brewers get to hand-select the hops of the losing brewers newest IPA? Or the loser had to host a tap takeover of the winning brews in their taproom? There are a lot of fun ideas and possibilities here, so it’s good to see a few breweries take the initiative, and it would be even more entertaining if other breweries decided to get in on the fun.

The best part of the Sam Adams vs. Sweetwater brewery bet is that it shows how connected the craft beer community is. Although the market continues to get fiercer and fiercer, it’s clear that breweries nationwide have a sense of innate comradery that manifests in bets like this and boundary-pushing collaborations. And if collaborations aren’t your thing, Sweetwater just announced four new beers to their lineup – I’m personally excited to try out their 20th Anniversary Imperial Ale. Maybe Sam Adams will win the betting rights to the 21st version. Cheers!

Taylor Laabs

Taylor Laabs

23, Chicagoan, lover of (most) beers due to my Wisconsin-based education and craving of brewpubs. Cheers!
Taylor Laabs