Palm Reader Beer Review

Founders Brewing  Palm Reader Beer Review

When it comes to “big breweries” in the craft beverage industry Founders BrewingIMG_5334 is one of the bigger brands out there.   They make beers that are renowned world wide and those beers are sought after by fans all over the country, and probably the world.  Palm Reader is one of the newest offerings from Founders and the beer is exclusively offered in their home state of Michigan. Palm Reader is also another example of  a beer that is brewed for a purpose.  Proceeds from Palm Reader are going to support Grand Rapids Whitewater, an organization that is dedicated to restoring the rapids in the Grand River.  To be honest before I read up on Palm Reader I wasn’t even aware that this was an issue effecting Grand Rapids, but now that I know I feel even better about contributing to this cause.

IMG_5315Palm Reader pours a light golden yellow and has a light white head in a glass.  This brew has a citrus zest aroma that is somewhere between a bitter and sweet smell that comes off as very fresh.  The beer is a lighter body beer, it’s a bit on the bitter side but is pretty easy to drink, especially if you pair it with a nice slice of pizza.   Outside of the bitterness the beer really doesn’t pick up a lot of the citrus characteristics that the smell would lead you to think you’re going to be sipping on.  Rather the brew is balanced out with a malty biscuit characteristic with a sweet dank finish leaving a lite floral note on the palate.


palmPalm Reader is a bit of a departure from what a lot of fans of Founders are used to.  Although the beer isn’t a big burly stout or something pulled out of a bourbon barrel that as been aged to perfection Palm Reader still embodies what I have come to expect out of a Founders beer. Palm Reader is still uniquely and vibrantly flavored while keeping its individuality in the world of beer.  If you’re a resident of Michigan and want to help contribute to a good cause or simply just want a good beer grab a 6 pack of palm reader, it would be a great addition to your next BBQ or house party without question.  If you happen to be out of the state of Michigan Palm Reader is worth adding to your trade list. Or better yet make a trip to Grand Rapids! We residents of the Great Lakes State love visitors and love sharing beer with the world.






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