Palate Wrecker from Green Flash Brewery Review

From David- founder of Sommbeer:

When my buddy John reviewed Soul Style from Green Flash I was excited to read his opinion on that beer.  We seem to have the same likes/dislikes when it comes to beer so his reviews give me the chance to “virtually” try a lot of beers.  When he dislikes a beer, I save money.  When John likes a beer I try to find it.  He liked Soul Style but what really got me excited was the response from the brewery.

palate wrecker

You’ve heard it from me before.  It takes more than good beer to have a great brewery.  A world class brewery takes risks, respects it’s customers, has a “moral compass” and has loads of passion.  When Green Flash jumped on the social media streams exclaiming their support and enthusiasm for their beer and John’s review, it was contagious and I got excited.

So I bought Palate Wrecker.…..

I opened the bottle and smelled the wonderful but restrained aroma.  It was obvious this was not going to be an “over the top” DIPA.  My wife smelled it and her exact words were “that smells wonderful”!  But it’s called “Palate Wrecker” I thought to myself, how could this be?

Have you ever taken a bite out of a fresh jalapeno and thought it tasted sorta sweet and not too hot?  Then a 2nd and then a 3rd bite before your mouth exploded? Yep, this beer is kinda like that.  It’s what I call a “builder”, the bitterness keeps building on your tongue with every progressive sip.  Oh yes and it’s a “sipper” too @ 9.5% abv any more than one and I’m going to need a lot of coffee tomorrow morning.

I like sipper beers.  They force me to slow down.  Pour the beer in a nice glass and just relax, that’s this beer.


Executive Summary:
I’m a hop head, I like strong bitter hoppy beers and I like this beer, but  this beer isn’t for everyone. I like that too.  A brewery that makes a beer for everyone, makes a beer for no one – at least not craft beer enthusiasts.


Yes yes, I know the pic above has a Bud Light box in it.  Yes it’s the Sommbeer beer fridge. Thing is, only my wife drinks it and it makes me handsome.



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