Old Style Beer Review

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

I love this beer, I grew up on this beer.  As a young man, I’d travel to Chicago, walk the streets and see “Old Style” beer signs outside all of the neighborhood bars.  Not sure why we pub crawled back then, every bar served exactly the same beer – exactly the same beer.


It is and still is Chicago’s beer.  I’m from the Detroit area, so when I visited it was fun to join in the local fun.

True this beer is actually brewed in Wisconsin and while it is technically a retro beer, it seems to have the same homespun qualities I remember from 2 decades ago.

It would be easy to deride this beer as yet another light, grainy American beer.  Yet when I crack a can open, I smell a hint of hops.  It has body!  The corn, and who knows what other cereal grains, are somehow comforting to me.  A beer that brings back memories from good times a long time ago.

Full Disclosure: I broke 2 “Sommbeer Beer Rules”

BEER RULE #2 – No Light Beer – Not my fault, it was delivered right to my door (thanks to a buddy that traveled to Chicago)

BEER RULE #4 – no Corn no Rice – Crack a can and you will swear it was made by Kelloggs

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Bloopers pic:  Background with Yuengling, “Sparkling” water and ear muffs demonstrates a rough night indeed.


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