Occupy your Jazz Hands with a Beer at Spangalang Brewery

Spangalang Brewery, Denver Colorado

Are you a beer hep cat looking for an out of this world place to enjoy some beers and kick back in a fly environment? I’m booted, daddy-o and know just the place for you to get down. It’s Spanaglang, baby. One of the hottest joints in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver.

By now, you’re probably aware of all the breweries in Denver, but I’d be a goof not to mention this solid venue for some of Denver’s finest beer. To start, their head brewer Taylor is down by law since he was formerly a brewer for Great Divide, so to say beer is his bag would be a massive understatement. He and some partners went 18 karat and started Spangalang Brewery in 2015 and quickly earned themselves a gold medal at GABF for their Sugarfoot Belgian table beer. From there, they kept burning it up with a variety of styles and barrel aged brews that’ll make you do the jitterbug.






For me, I dig the easy-going style of the brewery and staff. They’re right next door to a killer little snack shack called Zivix so you can get some solid snacks and sandwiches to go with your beers and on Tuesdays, they’re currently hosting a live band to play some wild tunes for your ear holes.

Five Points is one of Denver’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods with a rich jazz history. After struggling to find a brewery name that hadn’t already been snatched up, Taylor and his crew didn’t wig out. They decided to tune right into the local history and came up with Spangalang, which is the term used to describe the sound of a splashing drum cymbal. This mantra stuck with them through decorating the brewery as you’ll notice by all the awesome jazz related artwork and posters on the walls done by local artists. It’s a pretty sweet vibe.

The environment is the bomb, and you know what’s even wilder? The beers, Jack. You like hops? They got hops in their IPAs and pale ales. Looking for something milder? They currently have an English mild on tap that will make you take five and appreciate the art in your hands. Me? I just got down on some of their Giant Steps quad the other day, and let me tell you, it’s a gas. Looking for something on the tart side? They usually have something of the bretted or lightly sour variety and when you really need a barnburner of a beer, the Nightwalker imperial stout will get you to that next level of complex malty goodness.

So when you find yourself in Denver and are looking for a brewery that will chill ya, boogie down to Five Points and swing into Spangalang. You won’t be finding any jive beers here, my man. Just some brews that will make you flip your lid and make you say “Hand me that skin” to your buddies.