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Well the name on this stuff is accurate, this is definitely Not my father’s root beer.  My father’s root beer was either Stroh’s or Miller Light depending on the day and I’m willing to bet that if my father knew I spent $17 on a six pack of root beer he would still slap me upside the head.  After drinking this stuff I think the slap would be justified.  Not Your Father’s Root Beer has been taking bottle shops by storm this summer, seems like all of them are selling out of this stuff just as quickly as they can stock it.  Why is this root beer so popular? I guess there is a market for people who want to drink out of 12oz. glass bottles but don’t enjoy beer or non alcoholic soda.  Not Your Father’s Root Beer comes off as exceptionally gimmicky and really just this summer’s flavor of the month but for some reason as a reviewer of beer I felt it necessary to take one for the team and write a little bit about this beer…. soda… malted concoction.


So for whatever reason I felt it was necessary to put this stuff in a glass, it’s really not.  I guess its just habit now since I put pretty much every beer in a glass when I’m at home but really there’s nothing gained by pouring this stuff.  Not Your Father’s Root Beer pours just like a soda. Cola, Root beer, whatever.  It’s fizzy and brown,  and doesn’t have any head to it.  The only aroma off this malted beverage is maybe a bit of a black licorice smell and even though I’m writing about it right now it’s nothing special to write home about.  If you have ever tasted the syrup before CO2 and water gets added to fountain pop that would be about as close as I could describe how this stuff tastes.  Overbearingly sweet, definitely to a fault.  The first sip I had was ok, kinda tasted like root beer, which is what I had hoped for, but as I powered my way through this malted brown beverage the experience just kept getting worse.  I don’t drink a whole lot of soda and the soda I do drink is no where close to this sweet and the sugary onslaught was simply overpowering for me.  Eventually I felt like I hit rock bottom, then I looked over and realized that about a third of my glass was still full of Root Beer that continued to remind me that my father did not consume this stuff.


After Not Your Father’s Root Beer a Stroh’s sounds absolutely delightful, and would make the old man proud.  Clearly I’m in the minority on this one, the popularity of this pornographically named root beer can’t be denied.  I’m not sure what the demographic for Not Your Father’s Root Beer is, I’m guessing people that are fans of Smirnoff Ice and PBR since they either dislike beer or are too cool to drink things that their parents would have drank.  That’s fine and if you do like Not Your Father’s Root Beer more power to you, I’m not going to fight you in line to snag a six pack of this stuff.  Thankfully fall is right around the corner and will likely push this stuff out of the way as Charlie Brown and his great bevy of pumpkin brews clog up an aisle in every bottle shop in the world.  For me Not Your Father’s Root Beer has entered the realm as such beverages like Bud Light Lime, Miller High Life, and Coors Light Summer Brew; if ever comes a time that I’m offered a bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer I will politely decline and opt for a bottle of water.

John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

Editors Note: featured contributor Richard (@BrewingAmerica) Has taken the time to write a rebuttal to this review, I encourage you to check it out on his site Microbrewing America

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  1. Thanks for suffering through a bottle. I love a good root beer, but I also realize when I’m drinking it that it is not beer. Sounds just like another gimmicky beverage. Mike’s Hard Lemonade anyone?


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