Night Fury – Beer Review

The Sommbeer staff loves a good stout.  If you look back through the posts that have been published on this site I can’t imagine a style of beer that we collectively give more love to.  Whenever I visit a brewery the first thing I look for on the tap list, even if it’s a 90 degree day in the middle of summer, is a good stout.   So it should come as no surprise that upon discovering Witch’s Hat Brewing in South Lyon Mi. many years ago one of the beers that I couldn’t resist was Night Fury.


Night Fury pours as a dark as a cold night in the dead of winter and caps itself with a dark khaki color head that leaves a beautiful lacing that almost bleeds its way down the glass.  Chasing that dark presence is the roasty malty nose of Night Fury that is accompanied with the sweetness of molasses and subtle notes of cocoa.  As a guy that loves big stouts I can tell you this is a very visually appealing beer.  I’ve ordered this beer multiple times and I each time I still take a moment to admire how beautiful this pour is before I actually start drinking it.  That being said, this is a beer and you’re supposed to drink it, not just stare at it and take pictures to put up on Instagram.

IMG_6068This beer has a nice thick malty body that is as dense as any imperial stout that comes to mind.  The beer itself has a big chocolaty roasty flavor while still being slightly bitter and finishes with some coffee notes and sweetness of the molasses peaking through.  True to form this imperial stout has a velvety body with a creamy mouthfeel  that smooths out the brew making it enjoyable and easy to drink. Hidden in the darkness of this stout is a furious 10.2% ABV assuring that Night Fury packs a punch, however the beer is so well-balanced that it’s not overly noticeable.  There’s a little bit of that alcohol burn on the back which helps with Night Fury’s pleasantly dry finish.

IMG_6069Night Fury is the beer that serves as the base for some of Witch’s Hats legendary limited releases. Beer’s like Dragon Trax and the Bourbon Barrel variants are among some of the most sought after beers in the Midwest region and only available in limited quantities at the annual Fury for a Feast event held at the brewery at the end of August.  The fact that all these beers are rooted from Night Fury speaks to how fantastic this beer is, and the brew still stands strong on its own.  There are beers that justify taking a road trip just to try a snifter of, count Night Fury among those beers; this brew is fantastic and everything that a big furious stout should be.


Note from David:
Night Fury is the base beer from which all beers will be made and sold at for Witch’s Hat event “Fury for a Feast“!  Check it out, we would love to see you there. 



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