Mosey on into Saloon Cuts, the bar your barber doesn’t want you to know about

Saloon Cuts, perfect place for a haircut while enjoying a beer, located in Broomfield, Colorado.  A review by Samuel Sly.

“How is this not already a thing?” I said to myself walking into Saloon Cuts. No, that wasn’t a typo on Salon; Saloon Cuts is a new barber shop and bar that is focused on beer in Colorado. Here you can get a great cut, shave and brew and walk away feeling literally like a million bucks. Sounds good, right? Well the word around town is spreading, and more locals are starting to think so too.

Nestled up in the northern Denver suburb of Broomfield, Saloon Cuts takes the concept of a barber shop or salon, an establishment depicted in movies as gathering places where men and women can go to get their hair cut as well as catch up with friends and neighbors, and makes it even more fitting to that description by adding a bar in the waiting area.

Once you walk into the high-window front entrance, you’re greeted by a welcoming bar to the right and half a dozen barber seats leading up to the back. The suite was previously a barber shop that was failing, and Jared Broach happened to be looking for a space for his BARber shop concept. Peanut Butter, meet Jelly; a legendary sandwich was born, so to speak. Yeah, that was a pretty bad analogy, but I’m sticking with it.

Not unlike so many other ideas you hear and say, “Uh, yeah, that needs to exist,” Saloon Cuts took some time to see the joys of creation due to whole bunch of uncertainty from landlords. Jared heard “Nothing like this exists, NO SPACEC FOR YOU!” constantly while looking for a location. If you’re shaking your head going, “Um, wat?” join the club. I couldn’t believe that myself. Luckily Jared continued his search and found this existing barbershop and some believers in his vision.

The bar itself caters to just about anyone who could possibly walk through the doors. Mass produced macro beers are deeply discounted for those who prefer to drink on a budget, or one could indulge in any number of Colorado and other craft beers. The bar has a modest four taps, but you can bet there will be at least one or two very interesting things in those kegs. During my visit, one of the lines were filled with a delightful sour ale from a tiny brewery called Black Bottle. It was a sneaky 8% beer that’s easy to throw back. Another tap had Dry Dock’s apricot wheat, a third contained the Mexican lager from Lone Tree, and the fourth tap poured Declaration Brewing’s IPA.

As far as the ambiance goes, the entire bar has an honest western saloon feel complete with swinging doors leading into the barber area. Jared and Co decided to trade in contemporary country music in lieu of the lone piano we see in our favorite western flicks, but you may be able to convince the staff to oblige you. Don’t tell them I said that.

The verdict? Well, I know women who will travel an hour to see their hair dresser so why not the same for a barber shop? You can stop in and have a brew, get a cut from one of the lovely staff members and even enjoy your beer while you get a cut thanks to their beer protector lids. If I didn’t perform my own barber duties (shaved head) I’d be there on the reg. I’d tell anyone in Denver to check it out, and any of you out of state-ers should swing by if you’re getting a little shaggy or need a killer shave while out visiting. Your regular barber will never feel quite the same again.

Make sure to check out Saloon for more information and to set up an appointment today!

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