“More Drinking. Less Talking.”

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“More Drinking. Less Talking.”

 My brother in law is a lot of things. Husband. Father. Knockoff Oreo cookie eater. But more than any of that he’s completely wrong about beer. And that’s a huge problem.

 It’s not like he doesn’t possess the refined palate to appreciate a great IPA. Or the reasons Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout is better than Guinness. He just chooses not to. He likes the idea of drinking High Life and saying things like “I know you need a fancy beer but this is good enough for me.” Like it’s some sort of act of humble bravery to buy the most cheaply made and readily available product on the market.

And it’s our fault.

Why? Because so many of us can’t just enjoy craft beers. So many of us just can’t like the hobby of discovering a new beer and be done with it. We have to make sure everyone in the world knows that we are people who appreciate a higher level of sophistication.

Now, you’re probably like me. In general you don’t consider yourself pretentious. I know I don’t. I’m not even above drinking MGD. I love it at a Tigers game. (Detroit Tigers. We miss you, Doug Fister.)

And yet, despite all of that, I just typed the following sentence a few paragraphs up about my brother in law: “It’s not like he doesn’t possess the refined palate to appreciate a great IPA.”

Yeah. I wrote that. Me. And I bet you read it and it didn’t even occur to you how pretentious we all sound. Didn’t occur to me when I wrote it either.

So what is my point you ask? It’s a fair question. I mean it’s a lot of rambling I’ve done here. My point is that enjoying a new beer is one of the greatest things in the world. And we should want more people to do it. The poor. The tired. The huddled “with lime” drinkers. And sometimes we inadvertently turn good, honest people away by making it seem like it’s a club too exclusive or insufferable to join.

And I think we shouldn’t do that.

That’s my point.

Sommbeer – Note: I share a similar sentiment in this post “Don’t be that (wine) guy

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