Moo-HooChiato – Beer Review

Moo-hooChiato?  Moo-Hoo thank you very much!

Beer Facts:
Style: Sweet Stout
Brewery: Terrapin Beer Company
ABV: 8.5%
Availability: One Time Brew?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning, after a long Friday night, longing for another beer or hair of the dog, but seriously really aching for chocolate milk? Well, why not have both?! My very good friend, Trish, a Georgia native, is a stout lover/wine connoisseur.  Whenever she is out at any of the many local eating establishments near us, and she finds a beer she loves, she sends me a picture and usually a comment or two; or she posts to her Instagram account, like this:

 My reaction upon seeing the Cow was to laugh at first and then begin to salivate:  Chocolate Espresso?  A quick response back from me set a date for tasting this stout.  I was not disappointed.

Aspen, Georgia based Terrapin Brewery’s Moo-HooChiato is a seasonal beer, but should be a year round stalwart.  It is that good.  Moo-HooChiato, not to be confused with Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout, also from Terrapin, is a chocolate espresso imperial milk stout.  A mouthful, to say the least, and a hearty 8.5% ABV.

Sitting at Quotations, a local bar in Media, PA with quite a few fantastic craft brews on tap, all I could think about was this Moo-Hoo concoction!  Luckily, they had some bottles left and away we go!  We ordered 1 and I knew that 1 was not enough.

I swear the initial pour straight down the middle of the glass gave off a faint purple hue, but settled into a dark chocolate brown with a slight foamy head.  My first taste was nothing what I expected.  It was better: smell the chocolate as you lift the glass to your mouth, taste the espresso beans with the first sip and savor, to me, a cold glass of chocolate milk – beer style.  Grab 1 while you can.  This seasonal beer at Quaotations had 3 bottles when I arrived, and none when I left.

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