Mad Hops – Craft Beer Flavor from a Bottle

Mad Hops – How to turn “College Beer” into craft.  Well not quite, but it does greatly improve a bad or ordinary beer and turn it into something enjoyable.

Remember those days when beer was fun?

When this product arrived at my doorstep I was skeptical.  We get a lot of products to review at Sommbeer and not all of them are good. Some of them frankly are scary. When I heard about the beer flavorings, I really wondered if flavor extracts added to beer would be worthwhile. There’s a world of difference in trying to mask a flavor as opposed to blending and improving upon an existing base.

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So my first impression when I peered into the box was that these were really small bottles. I had envisioned mustard sized squeeze bottles or something.  These were small and precious, whatever was inside had better be potent. Thankfully this stuff is really strong and a little bit goes a long way.

I grabbed the “Irish Porter” flavor first and added it to my Coors Light. I drink Coors when it’s crazy hot and I’m on the beach, gotta hydrate.  After fighting the packaging and finally getting the magic juice out of the bottle, I was impressed. A few squirts of the brown coffee smelling flavoring into my Coors, completely changed the nose, flavor and color. Next up was a cherry wheat. A few squirts (love that word) of the red stuff into my beer turned it into something that looked like Koolaid, but it tasted great.

These flavorings are fun.  They would be a hit at any party.  In some respects, Mad Hops is like Sommbeer.  They are just having fun and drinking beer. They do not pretend to turn kegger beer into KBS.

I’m looking forward to trying all the flavors and plan on bringing these to a few holiday parties.  If anything, it will take my mind off the bad beer and will generate more than a few beer discussions.



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