Lucky Duck Distillery – South Carolina Moonshine

Lucky Duck Distillery in Yemassee, SC
Meet one of the Nation’s youngest distillers – Fletcher Chase Flowers, making moonshine in South Carolina.

It was a hot day in South Carolina, really hot.  My wife and I were more accustomed to Michigan summer weather and we were travelling around Yemassee, SC swimming in humidity. I found a local distillery on Google Maps and we made that our goal to visit for the day.  The distillery description said it was owned and operated by the Nation’s youngest distiller. They also had a wide variety of flavored moonshine but really I just wanted to meet this guy.
The town of Yemassee
When we pulled in to the small town, I immediately saw the old building that had been used to process Marine recruits for WWII.   It was here that brave young men from all over the country got off the train to begin their service.  It was here that my grandfather, Alfred Barrett, a Marine himself may have entered. It was humbling to be here.
Alfred Barrett U.S. Marine
We pulled up to the distillery and immediately saw a sign that stated the distiller was next door in the cafe. This was going to be really cool. We walked to the cafe ordered some sweet tea and asked if the distiller could open the place up for us. It’s then that I met one of the nicest guys in the beverage industry – Fletcher Flowers.Fletcher opened the door to his distillery and we walked in. We talked to Fletcher about his business and challenges of starting this business in his home state of SC. His enthusiasm and passion for distilling is absolutely contagious and we almost forgot to try anything.I think what makes this place special is the owner and his drive to make interesting drinks. His entrepreneurial spirit is something to marvel at for sure too. Pioneering a new business in a state that really isn’t supporting new distilleries is impressive. The product he is making takes center stage though. We tried two, Margarita and “Peanut Butter Cup”. My wife loved the Margarita and I loved the peanut flavor.  We only had room in our suitcase for one bottle so we bought the peanut.  Still not sure how I won.

 The moonshine peanut has a rich sweet flavor and finishes with just a touch of peanut butter.  Fletcher suggested mixing it with chocolate liquor but honestly this drink should stand on its own. Poured on the rocks it’s a delightful and relatively complex drink to enjoy on the front porch.
– Cheers
PS – Nearby there’s a place called the Old Sheldon Church ruins. It’s really something to see and is rich in history.
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  1. Woo-hoo! Fun’s more fum when you’re drinking a peanut flavored moonshine. How much of that bottle that you took home is left?


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