Brew Pub Review : Lake Time Brewery—-Propeller IPA

Lake Time Brewery , located in Clear Lake IowaLake Time Brewery sign

I am a huge hop head. So I felt like I had to let everyone know about one of the greater microbrew hop beers I recently tried. The brewery is in Iowa….has anyone heard of Iowa? *snickers* Anyway, since we finally have electricity and running water, it’s a lot easier to make craft brews. *snickers* again*  The brewery is in Clear Lake, Iowa. It was started in 2012 and this is the second summer they have been open. Cute little place. I went in and thought I would get a growler to take back to the camper. They have small and large sizes, and you can sample the six beers they have on tap. Of course, I chose the Propeller IPA.  AND……..Hello, fabulous. One of the best I have EVER had. Easy to drink with the taste of yummy hops. Perfect color. I have been back again to grab another growler to go. So, if you are ever in Clear Lake, be sure to stop in and try this. They also have bottles of Molotov cocktail to purchase, another of my faves, but grab a local brew instead. They also have meat and cheese trays from the local butcher shop in town if you get hungry. Really, I guess this is a review of the beer and the place, but both are worth the trip!

Thanks Lindsay! I appreciate hearing about craftbeer from areas I’ve never been.

– SommBeer

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