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From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

I can drink macro beer, I can. I can, I can, I can do it.  In fact, a lot of us in the craft beer industry have a favorite closet macro.  I often hear a lot of craft beer folks exclaim their love for PBR, Yuengling, Rolling Rock even gasp Bud.  These types of beers are good on a hot day or when your boss hands you his favorite beer.  They tend to be cheap, light, limited on flavor, smell like corn and remind me of my college (no money) days.  I can drink and appreciate these beers.


I’ve seen Kirkland beer many times at Costco but never pulled the trigger as 24 cans, adorned with poor graphics, seems like a high risk/big commitment opportunity.  So when a co-worker mentioned he had purchased a case I seized the moment for a beer swap.  I got 3 Kirkland samples for 3 of my Yuenglings – fair deal.

I’ve wanted to do this series for a long time after a buddy (Tony) encouraged me to start reviewing the malt liquor beers from our youth.  Anybody can buy and review good beers was his thought, but how about some adventure drinking with the bad stuff.  But could I do it?


I stepped onto my back deck, put the can on the table and just stared at it. The graphics on this can are bad. It could be mistaken for no-name macaroni and cheese.  I stared at this can for a long time trying to muster the courage to drink to try it.

Finally, I opened it and poured it into a glass that had become accustomed to high quality Belgians (if this glass could talk it would have cursed).  The color was like straw and there was little to no head or foam.  This was going to be rough – I stared at the glass full of flat straw colored liquid for a long time.

Finally I brought the Costco nectar to my lips.  It didn’t have much smell.  hmmmm. I had expected corn or cardboard but the absence of anything turned this into a bit of a mystery.  I tasted it and was hit with sweetness.  I was overwhelmed with a sweet flavor with little to no malt, no corn (thankfully) and just a hint of hops.

A – Straw colored no head
S – Slight malt smell
T – Sweetened water
M – Light to no body
O – I have 2 cans left if anyone wants them

I’m writing a review for Sommbeer I told myself, I have to finish this.

By sheer luck, the guy that coaxed me to do this series, and by extension taste this swill, had just walked into my back yard.  I waved he waved back.  “Tony, you really need to try this” I said never betraying the truth about this beer.  He grabbed the glass expecting my usual variety of flavorful beer and knocked down a mouthful.  He promptly handed the unfinished glass back, grimacing.  Getting rid of this glass  was going to be more difficult than I had thought.


Tomorrow we will see what Riley the “beer dog” thinks.

Editors Note:  
A shout-out to my co-workers, friends and relatives that have given me beers that I have tried but don’t always like.  I like you, not your beer (at times).



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