I’m looking for an Everyday Drinker

I’m looking for an “Everyday” Drinker.


Wine on a table

Wine fans call it table wine.  A bottle of wine that is neither exceptional nor objectionable.  That’s what I need but for beer.

Let me state that I don’t drink beer everyday, I have responsibilities and a family that loves me.  That said, I need a beer that I can grab without much thought.  Just something to grab on a Wednesday when I fire up the smoker or bbq.  I don’t want to ponder deeply into it the glass and consider  it’s finer characteristics ie. spicy  hops, malt finish etc..  This rules out Imperial Stouts and Double IPAs.  Great beers demand reflection and Wednesday night with burgers is not the right time.  

For my premium brews, the mood, lighting and ambiance need to be just right … kinda like date night.

For ordinary days I just want something affordable and pleasing.  This is starting to sound like I’m looking for my soul-mate on Match.com……

My Profile:
Summary: Average guy, passionate about beer
Physical Characteristics: Stomach made to flex for additional capacity, refined palate, strong right arm from 12oz interval training 
Pursuits: Stouts and growing hops
Hobbies: Well rounded activities include beer blogs, beer brewing and beer drinking

Kidding here of course.  ‘Cause I think I found my perfect match!   Founders “All Day IPA”.  I’ve never had it but I know she’s the girl,   I mean beer, for me.



What is your everyday drinker?


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