How to Taste Your Beer

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

I get caught sniffing my beer.  It’s embarrassing.  At business dinners your’re not supposed to do that.  Also it’s best not to pull out your phone to take a pic of your ….beer.  But I do and I get caught.   Anyway, I smell my beer because smell is so tightly related to our sense of taste.  When you smell a beer before you drink it, it illuminates the flavor spectrum.  Your nose alerts your tongue and tells it what to expect.

The web is full of sites that strictly follow the ASTMO approach.  At Sommbeer we kind do sometimes but not really, we’re just too laid back.  The harsh reality however is that everyone who “drinks & thinks” about their beer follows every step.

A – Appearance, the waiter sets that first glass on the table and you can’t take your eyes off it.  You’ve just started evaluating how good that beer looks.
S – Smell. My specialty. Smelling provides sensory depth and gives you advance notice of what to expect.
T – Taste.  This one actually takes some thought as good beers have many “notes”. An old ale might start sweet but finish bitter, hmmmm interesting.
M – Mouthfeel.  Sounds weird but it relates to the beer’s body (that sounds worse). Some beers are heavy and viscous like a Russian Imperial Stout while a summer wheat will be light and perhaps just a bit watery.
O – Overall. Taking it all in I always ask myself, would I buy this again?

I’ve created a video that I think captures all of these finer elements.



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