How to Drink Great Beer on a Budget

Keeping up with new and seasonal releases and following new breweries can end up costing quite a bit of money. Exploring great craft beer doesn’t have to break your budget. Here are a five ways to enjoy all that great beer has to offer.


  1. Make a Wish List Doing a little research ahead of time could end up saving you serious cash. Make a wish list of the standout beers you definitely want to try. Choosing brews that get universally positive reviews and that have made a splash on the brewing scene is a great way to be sure that your beer is totally worth your money.
  2. Homebrew to Your Tastes If you can make a soup, you can homebrew. Make friends with a homebrewer and share the cost of ingredients and time, or invest $100 or so to get the initial brewing kit. Homebrewing is an easy and fun way to drink delicious brews that you can call your own.
  3. Take-Out Discount Your neighborhood bottle shop is a good resource for drinking on a budget. Consult with staff to be sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. Find out if your shop offers a take-out discount on bottles. It’s a great way to get up to %20 off of those big purchases.
  4. Host Tasting Parties If you want to drink great beer on a budget, invite friendscan-stock-photo_csp8461134over for an horizon-expanding tasting party. When each person brings a unique beer for everyone to try, each person gets to explore great beers with minimal investment.
  5. Drink Local Your local brewing scene is your best resource for fresh, innovative beer. Many smaller craft breweries operate on a smaller scale, meaning that you can sample a constantly changing menu of fresh beer. When you buy local, you get cheaper beer because you don’t need to pay for transportation and extra packaging.


Finding great beers on a budget is easy. Whether you choose to brew your own, invite friends over for a craft beer tasting party, or utilize your local bottle shop, there’s a way to taste creative beers and still have money to spare.

Guest Contributor  Steve Ference  @TasteABrew

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