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Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

If you’re a beer geek and reside in the mid-west more than likely you have heard of the chain of craft beer bars known as Hopcat.  Their 4, soon to be 6, locations in the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin are the craft beer lovers dream in many ways.  I’ve already checked out the Hopcat location in  Grand Rapids, and the East Lansing pub serves as a “home base” throughout the fall on Saturday afternoons for me.  Now, in the last month a new craft beer mecca has emerged in Detroit just up the road from Comerica Park and Ford Field, Hopcat Detroit has landed.

The first thing I saw when I walked into Hopcat Detroit was a painting of Iggy Pop, a very welcoming sign as The Stooges are one of my all around favorite bands.  But as you look around this beautiful pub you’ll see other paintings of iconic Detroit/Michigan music legends of old and new.  Alice Cooper, Stevie Wonder, Jack White, and Diana Ross to name a few are all immortalized in the art that hangs on the wall of this pub. Detroiters are very aware of and generally proud of their roots, especially when it comes to music, like every Hopcat I’ve ventured into its clear that a strong representation of the city was at the core of the design and decoration of the pub and it plays off flawlessly.  The bar is well laid out and even being packed with people still feels comfortable.  You might have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes on up to get a table, but the staff allows you to head to the bar and grab a brew while you wait so it isn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated getting into the bar.   If you choose to grab a bite to eat at Hopcat you’ll be well taken care of, I recommend their pork sandwich named “I am the pork sandwich that knocks!” The name alone should sell it, but it’s a nice savory piece of pork with a pretzel breading and it’s simply amazing.  Also the signature crack fries are a must if you haven’t experienced them,  a perfect craft brew companion.

Did I mention this place has beer?  That’s right, this is where Hopcat rocks, rolls and dominates any remote attempt at competition.  Hopcat Detroit boasts 130 brews on tap with additional kegs ready to go if something runs out.  On a side note, as a Seinfeld fan, I enjoyed the stamps on the menu stating “NO BEER FOR YOU” on selections that had ran out.  Hopcat has all the traditional standards that you expect from big hitters like Bell’s, Founders, Sierra Nevada, and many more. What’s even more impressive is that on any trip I’ve taken I’ve always, without any problem, found something (usually many somethings) on the extensive beer menu that I haven’t tried.  With 130 options to choose from if you come to Hopcat trying to pick between new things that you haven’t tried can become a little exhausting so it’s good to know that all your flagship favorites are on hand waiting for you, and having these on tap is brilliant because flagships are critical for converting Macro beer drinkers into craft beer aficionados working their way up to some weird chili pepper beer or something like that.  If you’re not into the more robust flavorings of straight beer there’s also a healthy selection of ciders and fruit beers making sure that there’s a option for any patron who wants a craft made drink.

Hopcat prides themselves on a pretty simple mission statement, to bring you great beer.  If you have visited any of their other locations you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the Detroit location, they set themselves a high standard for a beer bar and no doubt they hit that standard on every mark.  There are plenty of places in Detroit up and down Woodward that have great beer but nothing really compares to what Hopcat offers.  It’s unique, classy, and everything about the building represents Detroit.  Just like the East Lansing location, I can say beyond doubt that Hopcat Detroit will be a bar that I will visit every chance I get knowing, with all confidence, that there won’t be any reason for disappointment

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HOURS: 11 A.M.-2 A.M. MON–SAT, 10 A.M.-2 A.M. SUN


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