Griffin Claw Launching Big Plans In 2018

Griffin Claw Launching Big Plans In 2018  GriffinClaw_BeerRelease_2018_circles

PRESS RELEASE FROM: Griffin Claw Brewing Company 

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Griffin Claw may only be 4 years old but 2018 looks to be a huge year for production and expansion.

Griffin Claw has been operating solely out of their Birmingham facility, on Eton Street, for 4 years. All of that will change in 2018 with the opening of their brand new facility in Rochester Hills. The new production facility is twice the size as their current brewery, coming in at roughly 33,000 square feet.

Their current Birmingham, MI facility has also been and will continue to be revamped to meet production needs. Their 17 barrel system that they’ve brewed off of since 2013 has now been replaced by a 50 barrel brew house. With this new brew structure in Birmingham and the new facility in Rochester Hills – their capacity will triple in capability. Going from a max of 20,000 barrels to now having the capability to brew over 60,000 barrels, putting them amongst the leaders of this state.

Along with a new facility coming to fruition. They are also releasing a new brand calendar that sees them devoting their identity to cans. They have been a brewery that has focused on canned product since inception but have always dabbled in bottles. Now, their new calendar dictates that all of their styles will be put in 16 or 12oz cans. Whether it be barrel aged, imperial IPA’s, session lemons or any other style. They will all be a canned product.

This new calendar also dictates a slew of new styles that they have tested and tried out thru their Birmingham tap room. New Packages include the likes of: Copyright Cream Ale, Perry White, Lemon Session, Erubescent and a new package offering each month.

With added facilities and added products. Griffin Claw looks to expand on their Michigan sales. Griffin Claw is still only found in the great beer state and with the expansions happing in 2018 they will look at future possibilities of expanding their distribution foot print.

Kyle VanDeventer, Sales Director said: “We’ve been extremely fortunate to have 4 great years to open with, out the gate. Now we’re looking forward to putting the pedal to the metal and really excelling in this great Craft Beer scene.”

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