Going Dry for 30 Days

Going Dry for 30 Days

Featured Contributor –    Ed Goldsworthy
If I had to judge my overall health right now I could sum it up this way: not good. I am not in the best shape of my life. I’m in my worst. And it’s a really terrible feeling. I mean seriously. Why did I eat so many Doritos? Is it because they are so delicious? The answer is yes!
So, I recently decided that I simply have to do something about this. I’ve done it before with great results. But then I had to move to Ohio for work and uproot my family from our lifelong residence in Michigan filled with friends and family and not living in Ohioness and whatnot. And it was hard. Sure it only lasted for 9 months and we are back in the warm confines of Michigan’s loving embrace. But after the whole thing was done I lost my way and here we are. Overweight and tired. So, so tired.
So about a month ago I upped my healthy eating game. And I decided that for 30 days I would have no unnecessary calories. And that meant, no beer. Now I realize many of you would say that there’s no such thing as unnecessary beer calories  and you make a good point. But I decided to do it.
And you know what? It really wasn’t that bad.
Sure I missed it at certain times. But overall it was a really great experience.  And there were some great side effects. For one, I don’t think a beer ever tasted as good to me as that first one after 30 days. It made me appreciate it more. And two, I lost 22 pounds. Not just from lack of beer. From a diet of no sugar. No sweet sweet, delicious sugar.
The fact is I have more weight to lose. I want to be in great shape for cycling season. A beer after a long, hard ride is also one of the best tasting beers. So now that I spent the past week getting reacquainted with Huma Lupa Licious I am about to do another 30 days beer (and sugar) free.
Club sodas with lime for all!
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Ed Goldsworthy is a writer who lives in Brighton, Mi. He has a wife and three kids. His interests include hiking, camping and not being that good at guitar. He is most known for very little else.

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