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Ginga’ Ninja is Red India Pale Ale brewed by Black Hog Brewery in Oxford Connecticut.Black Hog started out in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and eventually moved to New Haven, Connecticut so head brewers, Brothers Tom Sobocinski and Jason Sobocinski, could be closer to family.The name Black Hog actually comes from a family tradition of having a pig roast at every special occasion…Berkshire Hog was the pig of choice, and so became Black Hog Brewery.

The brewery is still currently located in New Haven/Oxford.  I’m not going to go into too much detail about the brewery, (SPOILER!!) I am getting ready to do a full review.  From what I’ve heard these guys are really fantastic and have a real passion for what they love. So I’m glad they love beer, and I can’t wait to learn more!

      Have you read the heart melting short story on the back of this can??

If not here’s a little re cap, Ginga’ Ninja was actually brewed by one of the head brewers for his fiancé (now wife). He made it specifically for their wedding and the first time she had a sip was on their wedding day. On the can they note that she knew she had made the right decision the moment she took her first sip.
I personally share a passion and hobby for craft beer with my boyfriend and it really is a beautiful thing to be able to share a common love and common passion. It is something we will always agree on, something we can always look forward to together…. Not to mention it’s really easy to find gifts for each other.
This brew really hit a soft spot with me!

Okay, let’s talk beer…
This brew has a mild earthy aroma, piney, but not much of a scent to this. Very lite and very mild. The first sip is a punch of citrus with a mild tart tang, fully carbonated and perfectly balanced by the sweet palate cleansing fresh ginger used.
At 6.5 % abv this is a nice and drinkable beer to throw back, not boozy at all… HOWEVER, it will definitely get you though if you aren’t paying attention! I can easily accidentally have one…or two too many of these.
IBU:56 So there is a bit of a bite but really, if you’re a fan of hops you can’t go wrong with this beer.
Hops: Apollo, cascade and centennial.
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Aromatic, British Pale, Carafa, Cara Red, Crystal 150 and Melanoidin.  The Crystal Malt really gives the body a nice deep color while the 2 row base, gives this beer a nice bite and warms your face a bit. I have to say I really enjoyed the honey malty lite caramel notes that began and finished each sip.

This lite tangy, tasty brew was a pleasure to drink, and a pleasure to learn about. Cheers to the good people at Black Hog for hooking us up with this delicious treat.

I paired this with sushi, just saying….. It was fantastic.

Thanks so much for reading guys, I appreciate the on going support.

Stay safe and have fun!


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