The Future Of The Craft Beer

Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack

Nano-Breweries are the future of the craft beer boom. Let me put it simply. While everyone else is hyping over Hopslam or Oberon, even debating when a microbrewery is no longer one I’m out scouting breweries who have a 3BBL system (A 3 barrel brewing system) or less. In Petoskey Michigan there is one such called Beards Brewery, tucked away in between two shops housing a 1BBL system. These small tap rooms and brew houses are the future of craft beer.  They are also the past, the present and everything that is craft brewing.

Beards Brewery In Petoskey, MI.

When Budweiser aired their infamous commercial during the super bowl, everyone made an uproar about how craft breweries producing quality over the quantity which Budweiser produces. These are the same people who in all likelihood who drink the most popular craft beers. From the likes of Dogfish Head Brewery, Bells, Great Lakes Brewery to name a few. Not to say that these breweries don’t produce good beers, but people are slowly forgetting what making a craft beer is truly about.

It’s about taste, creating something that people will enjoy. Odd Ales and things that were meant to create something worthwhile. A form of art that is slowly being forgotten. Craft beers and drinking them isn’t just about taste or about not drinking mass produced beers. It’s about drinking something that someone came up with. An idea unique to its own, a work of art that should be enjoyed for what it is.

White Flame Brewing In Hudsonville, MI.

As more and more craft breweries pop up and more people demand a six pack of hop slam you’ll find me in a little nano brewery enjoying a beer you can’t find west of the Mississippi and will probably only be ever available to drink for about a month. Those are the kinds of beers I enjoy, the kind that represent truly what craft beers are supposed to be about.

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