Frankenmuth Brewery Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Frankenmuth started making beers in 1862 and is Michigan’s oldest craft brewery.  Centralized in downtown Frankenmuth the brewery still stands as my home base for visiting the Bavarian village a couple times a year.   The trip is always worth it, Frankenmuth is an ideal spot to bring a family for an afternoon full of unique shops, bakeries, and craft boutiques to spend the day in before finding your way into the brewery for dinner and a drink.  Before going into the beer it is absolutely worth mentioning that not only does Frankenmuth Brewery has delicious food, and the service in the pub is amazing as well.  Every trip that I have made to Frankenmuth has been met with the best wait staff around, they’re always polite and attentive and well versed on both the food menu as well as the beer menu.  If beer isn’t your thing Frakenmuth also has a healthy selection of house made wines available year round.

On to the Beer!! Frankenmuth keeps 6 beers on tap year round in the brewery and rotates out a handful of seasonal brews.  Red Sky Irish Ale finds it’s home as one of the flagships that’s available year round in Frankenmuth.  Red Sky pours a deep amber/copper color with  creamy off white head.  The brew is a medium bodied beer with a enjoyable caramel malty finish and is exceptionally smooth and easy to drink.  A lot of Irish ales out there, to me, tend to push the sweetness of the caramel malts or never balance out the booze inside the bottle making for a mediocre beer.  Red Sky does not suffer from this at all, the beer is crisp and refreshing, pairs magnificently well with the food offered in the bar, and is great if you’re looking to pace yourself for a few brews as you enjoy an afternoon or evening.

The beer that impressed me most was Frankenmuth’s 2015 Imperial Stout.  This stout is a beautiful hybrid of an American Stout and Russian style Imperial Stout.  This stout pours jet black and has a beautiful thick creamy head, thick enough that it needs a few minutes to mellow out before taking a swig from the goblet that it’s served in.  This brew is very much so full bodied and on the strong side sporting a 10%  ABV.  Still the aging process has worked wonders on this beer, making it one of the smoothest and most mellow stouts that I’ve had in some time.  It’s velvety finish subdues the intensity of the hops and makes a simply magnificent stout that’s a perfect warmer in for a cold winter day.

As mentioned Frankenmuth is a semi annual trip for me, I try to get there at least once, if not a two to three times a year.  Frankenmuth is such a cool little town and the Brewery is the cherry on top.  I’ve never been disappointed by the brewery and, enjoying a beer in Frankenmuth has a feel of enjoying the tradition of Michigan brewing that every craft beer lover should experience at least once.

Overall Beer Ratings:

Red Sky Irish Ale: 3.5/5 stars

2015 Imperial Stout: 4.5/5 stars


John Fahrner


Farnkenmuth Brewery Info:
425 South Main Street
Michigan 48734

Hours of Operation

11am to 9pm
Kitchen closes at 8:30PM

Friday & Saturday:
11am to 10pm
Kitchen closes at 9PM

John Fahrner


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